Hopeful – By Shalini

In the city shore of Hyderabad

a bit past midday morning

my life half gone by

yet somehow happy

don’t know why

don’t care

just dwelling there in the mist of unknown world.

A young guy appears early twenties

shoes sores on his feet

shirt and smile

cigarette dangling from dry lips.

Smiled at me the world seemed to shine a bit brighter than it seem.

to share this strange mid morning joy

eye retreats.

Special someone I knew he is, each time he came close I waited for him to hold.

Still hiding

What lost to return

a deep swallow

until the dawn is gone

the eye appears


but is it

too late


the story of his life?

my life? Will I get to read it somehow.

This poem does have a story along but I am sure it is much more than just a story. Unheard, unanswered silence took over our heart. <3




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