Many of ours anxieties all about diet and its nutrients values, that take in the form of a search for Perfect food, the one will cure all our ills and ailments which we are suffering from. We are more obsessed about what to eat? Eat this! eat that! we are bothered about properties of various ingredients like the protein, the vitamins, the omega-rich oils, saturated and unsaturated part of it. But all the nutrients matters only when an individual picks up food and eat it.

How do we eat? When to eat? what to eat? is matters. We must learn the “Art of Eating” to understand the learning to Live. this is the question of psychology as much as nutrition.

We make frequent attempt to change what we eat. But never attempts to make an effort to change how we feel about food; how consciously and unconsciously we are attached to sugar, how we deal with our hunger, our sentiments on served a small portion. We try to eat more healthy food, more vegetables, but we never try to make ourselves enjoy it.

All the food that we regularly eat is we learned to eat. Eating is not something we born naturally knowing how to do. Parents feeding a baby is training them how it tastes. At a very basic level, we have to learn what is food and what is poison.

Let us learn to live;

  • Sit comfortably and eat well, this will help to enhance digestion and absorption of micronutrients and nutrients.
  • Chew your food well so it will get mix with saliva, that will add to better digestion. Skipping your meal disturbs your metabolism, so eat you’re all the meals, also try eating peacefully, means not watching television, or talking to each other on the topic which may distract your attention from eating.
  • Don’t just gulf the food, chew it well and feel the taste.
  • At last thanks to nature and almighty who gave you enough food to keep yourself healthy and happy, thanks to every individual who made it possible to prepare a portion of delicious and nutritious food.

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