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From being a radio jockey to been an Anchor, to being a writer. He has played multiple roles before he understood his calling, he was already known as a Media Entrepreneur. So he Finally decided to stand strong on what he loves doing the most.
Here is another story, In conversation with CEO & Founder of Instant Production, Rahul Sharma
1. Tells me something about you. Your life, career, family etc
I started my career as a Radio Jockey for a local Community Radio station in Noida back in 2011. I was only 17 years old and was a Radio Jockey. I can be searched on Google with the name – RjRahulSharma.

After gaining enough experience in radio, it was time for me to move to the words of visual media, I joined Sahara Samay News Channel as an Anchor and spent only 6 months of life there to realize NEWS was not my cup of tea. With a little talent of speaking well and some writing skills, I moved to the world of cinema and started writing, acting, producing and directing Short Films and YouTube videos and found my passion. Have won 3 international short film awards for my short Film – Meri Aai and Road Rap.



Since then I have been working for over a dozen production houses and media giants for different profiles. have established me as a Media Entrepreneur. I still land my voice for documentaries, edit professional videos for digital advertisements and write blogs for websites.

I am an Atheist and that gives me a broader viewpoint towards everything I see around. My Meme sense is great and I am very choosy when it comes to people.



2. How did you start of this business?

Instant Production. As the name suggests, it’s a Production House that works Instantly to perfectly match the requirements of 2019.

I started this with an idea of bringing likewise minds together. When I was doing my Masters in Film Production from a College in Noida, I found that media production is not one man’s job. It takes a great team and bonding among the team members which acts as the x-factor for any media product to work. So I found some college students studying with me who have experience in different type of media production and brought them under one Name – INSTANT.

My startup solves the biggest need for any individual or corporate of this century – To get noticed and to reach the target audience

3. What are your plans??

As a startup, we got our headstart with few brands but within the next 2 years, I would like to see Instant Production producing a Full Feature Movie someday soon.


4. What lead you into this business?

It’s less of a Business and more of my way to stay connected to my creativity. We cultivate ideas, knit a story and My creative team works day and night to make it possible. I think if you keep creativity and innovation as your first priority, rest of the things follow you.

5. What is your speciality?

We are affordable, we are cooperative and we give free advice. YES FREE! If you have a creative query, we have a creative answer for it and it is free of cost. We can be reached @ instantproduction.in@gmail.com

Website : www.instantproduction.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/instantproduction.in

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/instantproduction.in/



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