Reviewing Different Herbal/Flavoured Tea

The sudden obsession with flavoured tea! All thanks to @beautifullyme16 and my trip to Munnar. My house is flooded with tea. 
I will be sharing a few of my favourite tea, it’s a must-try for all of you even if you aren’t a tea person. Give it a try! 
This is MOKSHA- Black tea with peppermint, vanilla & lotus
This is definitely a refreshing tea which I loved especially the flavour of mint is really amazing. Karma Kettle is known for a wide variety of Teas but honestly, I was little hesitant about this unique blend of black tea and vanilla but well now this is all I want to bring calmness to my mind and soul. As the name – Moksha, well described. The box contains 20 sachets of teabags. Give this combination a try.

Tea obsession to be continued. As mentioned when I left for Kerala I was 59kg. The day I was returning back I was 67. Now that Christmas was here and the overstuffing of Cake, Cookie, Good food I don’t even want to check my weight… More than my weight I’m concerned about my little tummy that doesn’t look little anymore. 🙄 Hence, I’m out of clothes to wear. 
Taking the initiative to get back in shape. I promised myself to maintain 55kg not because I want to lean but because I want to be healthy. 
So apart from the little things I’m doing, I’m also consuming this tea. Seems like it’s helping my digestive system.. – @organicindiaofficial

Another tea story with – @santulyaindia The packet said boosts immunity and I didn’t think much but got it for myself. Little did I knew they were so much more. Tulsi, Moringa, Turmeric, Hibiscus & Ginger. 
It worked wonderfully, this would be my second buy as I have been using this tea for more than a month now. This tea helps to detoxify your body as it is rich in anti-oxidants which provides energy. Usually, I drink it around 11 or 11:30 am while I need the most amount of energy to work. 
Sometimes I even add a few drops of lemon for the tangy flavour. I use honey and not sugar.  So yes I love this tea 😍 you should try it, completely herbal which boosts your metabolism.

I don’t get good sleep. Due to my depression and anxiety issue sleeping peacefully had been really difficult for me almost the entire last year. 
Work stress and other stress in life, one point of time it led me to no sleep at all for about months and I started taking sleeping pills regularly. I tried lavender oil and other natural stuff but didn’t work much for me. 
Someone suggested this tea along with my medicine for depression and anxiety. This tea was really relaxing. It took time a hell lot of time and patience but now I’m off sleeping pills and I try to make it a point at times to drink this tea whenever I’m excessively tired, it does work. Honestly, it does. I have been using this for about 3 months now. I don’t use it regularly but I do use it. @organicindiaofficial

Honestly, I have no idea about this tea, not even the brand. I assume that it is a Korean brand and it was at my friend’s house. I just wanted to taste it so I grabbed about 6 packets. I really want to find about this brand and I loved it .. it has an extremely different sweet taste. I can’t really understand what it is but it tastes nice Is all I can say and take a guarantee about!

The very last tea story from – @karmakettleteas 
All the tea I have been drinking is caffeine-free. 
This is an extremely uncommon experimental tea so I’m just gonna put down the Ingredients:  Apple Flavour, Apple, Rooibos, All Spices, Crushed Star anise, Crushed Clove, Crushed Cinnamon, Nutmeg. 
Now you might or might not like it according to your taste. My feelings towards it are very natural. This tea is perfect for the evenings especially during winter, summer and monsoons .. ask why? Its promoted as an iced tea but it can be enjoyed hot too.



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