NUTRITION – Don’t make resolutions, create HEALTHY HABITS.

Living Healthy doesn’t mean that cutting or restricting the things you Love. It is all about making lifestyle changes that will be better for you. Don’t punish yourself with the way of restrictions, but change your habit and see your progress.
It takes weeks or month to adopt your habits, initially keep patients with yourself. Instead of focusing on your uninspiring habits, try out these couple of techniques that lead you to more gradual shifts.
Understand that Vibrant Health starts from within
How many times have you tried giving up alcohol, chocolate, sugar, and follow some crazy diet, just because somebody has advised you or told you to eat fatty or cheesy kinds of stuff, cause it may lead you to lose some weight and maintain yourself? After all that if you want to maintain that healthy weight, you have to start respecting your physique which is a reflection of your inner health and your daily habits. Until you truly respect health from within by correcting your habits, then your outside will naturally shift into shape.

  1. Step out the bad with the Good
    One of the best things you can do ever but the good stuff in so less room for the bad. Fill up your monthly calendar with friendly dates for green juices or fruit juices, herbal teas, treks, exercises and Yoga classes, feel up your grocery compartment with seasonally available vegetables and fruits. Add some easy to made water drinks (lime water, adding Pudina or Tulasi leaves in your daily water intake) to keeps you hydrated. And now less room you have for junk.
  2. Be compassionate to yourself
    Forget about doing everything as 100% of the time or 80% of the time. Just do your best for yourself. Do what make you feel good and what doesn’t. Choose wisely which make you feel good. If you slip up, forgive yourself, that’s the only thing will benefit you. If it was your habits that left you less than proud, acknowledge that you have more than 100 habits in a day, so make your next one your BEST.
  3. Peace Of Mind
    Meditate, do you think that you don’t have enough time for Meditating. 10 minutes of your day can be spent to derive peace of Mind. that 10 minutes can be taken out from the Facebook surfing, checking the various exercises pages, or sharing self-portraits or photos of your surrounding to Instagram, WhatsApp or other social platforms. There are many things you can do in 10 minutes for your day, but most likely none as importance or transforming for self-growth, by simply sitting down and closing your eyes and observing your breathing pattern and tuning with nature, gets your complete peace of Mind.

Creating Healthy habits is choice, no restrictions. Don’t make resolutions, create HEALTHY HABITS.


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