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Envisioned by Narendar Mor and now led by his son, Nitin Mor, Second Skin is a fabric line that brings about a contemporary stance on handloom sarees. Upholding a 150-year-old legacy, Nitin Mor is an acclaimed designer. Coalescing the authentic charm of handloom with the modern twists of the contemporary world, he is taking the glory of Indian heritage across the globe. Imbibing inspiration from the rich cultural ethos of India, the expert weavers who are picked from across states in India, will be crafting impeccable designs in handloom sarees. This range of avant-garde collection that is set to rock the ramps of New York is titled as ‘United States of India’ – a befitting tag to a collection that brings together the cultural milieu of several states in India. 

The saree, a 5000-year-old costume that is widely worn in the Indian sub-continent has attracted the attention of the godfathers of global fashion owing to its simplicity, elegance and versatility. An array of Indian and international icons from the field of cinema, arts, politics and so one have flaunted the grandeur of the Indian saree at several prestigious gatherings, award ceremonies and events.  

Through his endeavour – United States of India, Nitin Mor is trying to bring to the forefront the often overlooked splendour of the saree. Keeping in mind preferences and ever-evolving fashion trends, Mr Mor ensures that this collection has a global appeal. He is experimenting with innovative ideologies of etching paintings on pure silk. For this, he has commissioned several eminent artists from art schools in Italy and France. Besides impeccable free-hand drawings, they will also be incorporating different textures, motifs and patterns wood and metal blocks. Moving along the lines of natural fabric renditions, all the sarees will be washed with water, mud and other organic washing materials, and will be bereft of any chemical processing at any stage. 
At Second Skin, Mr Mor goes beyond the idea of merely crafting a clothing line but strives to use art as a tool or a language to communicate with the contemporary global stance about the magnificent history of India. He strongly believes in the concept of art that can move souls and streamlines all the activities at Second Skin accordingly. Besides, this venture is also targeted at creating employment opportunities to people who are not just artists and weavers but also to individuals from non-artistic backgrounds by tutoring them in the necessary skill sets. 

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