Sinhagad Valley | Bird Watching

Sinhagad Valley | Bird Watching

Guest post by Andrew Samuel

The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)  carried out its first bird banding session in Sinhagad valley along with a group of bird enthusiasts.

Bird banding is used around the world as a major research tool in which a small band or tag is tied to the birds’ legs and helps track their movements. This enables the study of various aspects of the bird’s life which, in turn, aids conservation efforts. Bird lovers got an opportunity to study not just common birds that were tagged in this way but migratory birds as well. They were guided by S. Balachandran, assistant director of BNHS and an authority on birds

We went for bird watching,  but we did not realise that this place has more to offer.

Places very near to Pune, the Fort was built over 2000 years ago.  this fort is on the isolated cliff of the Bhuleswar range in the Sahyadri Mountains, it is about 760 metres above the ground.  So it’s a long stretched trek and you have to trek up all the way to the Fort. you will surely get some good shots at the Crested Bunting, better known as the “Yuvraj”.

When we trekked to the fort, we also managed to see Rare birds like Yellow-eyed Babblers, Grey-breasted Prinia and the majestic Black Eagle. Once you reach the fort, you will be greeted by Jungle Mynas and the Indian Blackbirds. The Sinhagad valley is very famous amongst birds especially for sighting the Asian Paradise-flycatcher, the Ultramarine flycatcher and the Verditer flycatcher.

All the bird watchers go crazy over the place.

Best time to visit the valley is as early as possible, and you will surely get to see some “not-so-common” birds perching. try to reach as early as possible at least by 6 AM or at max by 6:30 AM.

Other species which we have spotted are White-Spotted Fantail Flycatcher, Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher, Oriental White-eye, Scaly-breasted Munias, Black-Naped Monarch Flycatcher, Crested Serpent Eagle, Shikra, Black-shouldered kite, Orange-headed Thrush, Rufous Treepie, Coppersmith Barbet, White-cheeked Barbet, Black Drongo, White-bellied Drongo, Jungle Myna, Brahminy Myna, Indian Lored tit, Great tit, Sunbird, Common tailorbird, Jungle Babbler, Tawny-bellied Babbler, Puff-throated Babbler, Indian Robin, Oriental Magpie Robin, White-throated Kingfisher and The Indian blackbird.






So all bird watchers hope to see you here.




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