Delhi to Wagah Border (Punjab)

Being one of the most memorable trips of my lifetime is the road trip that I made from Delhi to Wagah Border in Punjab. It took me more than 100 hours to reach my destination as it was not a smooth ride all the way from the southern state of India to the northern one. I took the route of NH 44 which was the shortest and the best for me.

Although it was a tiring journey, things got so happening along the way that there is only one thing that comes into my mind whenever I think about the journey and that is the journey and the new things that I saw along the way. A rail trip or a flight would have saved a lot of time but the enjoyment that I got from the road trip was unmeasurable and had no limits. The complete distance that I covered in the entire journey was near about 2900 km more or less. Moreover, there is a tip for those who are about to take this route for their road trip; just avoid the closures in the route as you would find a lot of these.

During my trip apart from the destinations and the places coming along the way, I also visited one of the UNESCO heritage sites in India “Hampi.” Located in the Northern Part of Karnataka there is a cluster of ruins that havebeen left barren for ages. This use to be the city of Vijaynagar. The historical site depicts picture and carved out things that signify the fine Dravidian style of art and Architecture of their time. I always had a thing for art so there was no way that this spot was not on my bucket list. Apart from this; in my trip, I also visited a few of the popular places in Punjab as well. Wagah border is in Amritsar, so is the Jallianwala Bagh and the Golden Temple. So here is the list of places that I visited during this trip.

Red Fort

As my route took me through the national capital, I always had a few things on my bucket list that were on the verge of getting completed this time and one of them was visiting the fort that was made by Red Stones. This place is huge and has a lot of things to show. You just need to take an entry ticket and go inside. Once done, you will see a few stall and eateries around the place.

Qutub Minar

Although I knew that we cannot enter the minar unless we pay and that they have restricted the visitors to go to the top 2 floors due to the weak structure but still I wanted to see for myself that how does it look. The tallest minaret in India.

Coming Delhi I entered Haryana then a little part of Rajasthan and then I came to Punjab through Chandigarh. This city is small but pristine. It looks and is a very planned and constructed city with everything in the right place. There is greenery here and the people are very friendly.I visited a few places here in the city and then headed on my journey after a night stay here.

Wagah Border

My next destination was the Wagah Border. Coming here was a treat to my eyes and my timing made it even better because I reached here just in time. There is an army ceremony that happens here on a regular basis. This is more of a parade where you can see the flags of the two neighbouring countries lowered down by the soldiers of the respective countries and then the parade is taken forward. If you want to witness the parade by yourself, visit here between 4 to 5 pm.

It turned out to be a long journey but everything I visited, whatever I saw was eye-arresting and heart-warming.

Golden Temple

My next stop in the return journey was the Golden Temple. A picturesque spot is a wonderful place and the way people have kept its beauty and charm at its best is one of the most fascinating things that I have ever got into. The place demands sometimes form your schedule and I had no hesitations in giving that. So I kept myself busy there for a while.

All the destinations in my trip were unique in their own ways and I enjoyed them to the fullest. All of this clubbed together made my entire journey blissful and memorable. I would like and encourage people to take a trip to the Wagah Border once in their lifetime so that they do not feel the hunch of missing out on something that is so beautiful and mesmerizing. And if you are inclined towards reading such blogs and know more about various things then do subscribe to Justbutmust site. This will help you in getting all the updates that you would have needed.



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