How Lifestyle Affects Health

A good stabilized healthy lifestyle is essentially important for everyone out there. It’s not about following tiring workout routines or eating bland food, but it means you don’t risk your life because of your unhealthy lifestyle habits! You are responsible for your health, what you are consuming daily, and what you are doing daily, everything counts! From your eating habits to your sleeping schedule, your body reacts and acts to everything it goes through.

With age, our body undergoes many types of changes, and these changes are nothing but part and parcel of our lifestyle! For example, you might be a mere teenager of the age 19 or 20, you might think nothing is wrong with your diet, and you might assume eating oily and greasy food daily will not affect you in the long run, but according to studies, these eating habits do have a drastic impact on our body! Enough of junk and canned food, it’s time to start fresh, a new beginning is calling you, so why are you holding back? Here is everything you must know about a healthy lifestyle.

How Does Lifestyle Affect Health?

Everyone has a different way of living and viewing life, some prefer to eat healthy food while others like sticking to their regular junk schedule. Similarly, some might prefer working out daily while others might prefer taking a walk once a week. Again, some individuals might like to munch on fresh veggies and fruits while others might stick to their carbs and proteins. The list of differentiation doesn’t end here, some might be night owls while others might like to wake up early in the morning. All these habits do make or break our bodies. Studies have shown that our mental and physical health depends upon our lifestyle. Most of us tend to follow an unbalanced eating schedule and haphazard sleeping routine. These habits affect our productivity pattern, you might have not noticed this but our eating habits do make us tired or energetic!

Again, regular consumption of alcohol or cigarettes can become an addiction for you. Substance abuse should not be promoted in any manner. Cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer, and brain injury, are nothing but results of substance abuse. You might try cigarettes for fun, but within a blink of an eye, your fun activity will add up to your regular lifestyle and thus people get addicted to cigarettes. Slowly and steadily, your health starts deteriorating and before you know it, you will be tested for some serious diseases and thus your life will come at a risk.

Similarly, if you don’t give proper rest to your body, if you continue to overthink a situation, if you fill your mind with negative thoughts, sooner or later your body will react to all these things and before you realize it, you will be caught up with panic attacks, stress, anxiety, and depression. These are serious issues and you cannot neglect them. With time, the situation intensifies and before you take any action, your mental health will be at its worst stage. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day is important, just like your body needs rest, your mind too deserves some relaxation and that’s only possible when you sleep without any disturbing thoughts or heavy stress loads.

Not only our eating habits but our work routine too affects our bodies. If you are experiencing tiredness or fatigue, it’s nothing but a result of a heavy workload. You must give yourself some relaxation, work is indeed important, meeting deadlines is surely a peer pressure for all of us but we must understand the fact that to be productive, we must be fit and active and this is not possible without a stress-free brain.

Lastly, your exercise routine also comes into play here. Whether you exercise daily or once a while, whether you exercise 30 minutes a day or preferably do a hectic workout schedule, everything matters. Studies say exercising makes us more productive but you must understand that heavy workout routines don’t happen within a day. You must start with small exercises and then move on to the bigger ones. Again, not exercising shouldn’t be an option you should pursue. Never forget that if you exercise daily, obesity and thyroid can be both controlled and avoided.

Let’s Love Ourselves A Bit More, Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Habits!

It’s time for a change, say bye to junk food and adopt a better eating schedule! Yes, you heard it right, it’s not an order, but an option that you can pursue if you want. All you need to do is replace pizza and burgers with fresh fruits and veggies. It can be done and if possible you should surely try it at least once. Moreover, you can also replace oily food with boiled alternatives.

Again, you can incorporate a small exercise routine into your daily schedule. Start with a bit of jogging or spot exercises. Moreover, drop off your addictive habits, and say “No” to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Lastly, try to sleep on time, and fix a particular screen time. Instead of using your phone during the night, you can practice journaling. Write down your thoughts, make sure you keep your health in check, and practice loving yourself the most.



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