The Famous Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas, one of the most joyful events of the year. It was quite a small festival in India, due to the number of people who are Christians but things changed over a decade now. There are over 25 million Christians in India, a growing and accepted community in society. East to West North to South everyone loves Christmas as it is more about Santa, Cakes, Gifts and more.

Many different languages are spoken in India. In Hindi Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘Śubh krisamas’; Urdu it’s ‘krismas mubarak’; in Sanskrit it’s ‘Krismasasya shubhkaamnaa’; in Gujarati it’s ‘Anandi Natal’ or ‘Khushi Natal’ ; in Bengali ‘shubho bôṛodin’ ; in Tamil it’s ‘kiṟistumas vāḻttukkaḷ’; in Konkani it’s ‘Khushal Borit Natala’; in Kannada it’s ‘kris mas habbada shubhaashayagalu’; in Mizo it’s ‘Krismas Chibai’; in Marathi it’s ‘Śubh Nātāḷ’; in Punjabi it’s ‘karisama te nawāṃ sāla khušayāṃwālā hewe’; in Malayalam it’s ‘Christmas inte mangalaashamsakal’; in Telugu it’s ‘Christmas Subhakankshalu’ and in Shindi it’s ‘Christmas jun wadhayun’.

The vibe and energy of Christmas are absolutely contagious. The decorated homes, scrumptious cakes, Christmas hugs, and yes the ‘Santa’ and his gifts filled with love and blessings. To feel the festival aura I believe in unwrapping the gifts on Christmas Day and preferably in front of the friends who gifted me because they would love to see my excitement and happiness in my eyes and for me it feels like a sense of appreciation for the love and effort.

The Christmas week

I meet all my loved ones, friends and family, love them a little more with my Christmas hugs filled with lots of good wishes and care. All I look for is the broad smile and the happiness in their eyes which actually fills my heart and I feel yayy ‘It’s Christmas’.I have so many ideas and ways to surprise them with gifts I like to place the smaller gifts in Christmas stockings and the larger ones in Santa sacks and this will be a secret till the big day.

The Christmas tree and the home are decked up with lights, every corner of the home filled with the aroma of cake feels great, and probably it’s the best way to end the year and welcome the New Year. The interesting part of the decoration of the Christmas tree is ‘Stockings’, more stockings on the Christmas tree, more the gifts from Santa! Just kidding. Christmas Eve is celebrated with a Chinese Takeaway and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas

I silently wait for Christmas and when it’s finally Dec 25 I cannot keep calm!!!! The beautiful prayers with songs of hope and promise, of course with a lot of gratitude.

Are you excited to know how we celebrate the big day “Christmas”

Well, the heavenly part of Christmas is gifts, love, and joy. Of course FOOD. I would love to have a completely delightful English breakfast on Christmas Day, my favourite bacon, sausages, mushrooms, and toast. Sparkling wine and orange juice make this appetizing breakfast even yummy.

Stockings make me curious to check out what’s waiting for me. I grab them after my breakfast. The Roast Christmas dinner followed by Christmas pudding, cheese, and biscuits makes the Christmas complete. Then I tend to have mixed emotions and a heavy heart while the much-awaited day comes to an end, but life goes on. I motivate myself by saying every day can be celebrated uniquely. With all the good memories and great pictures with smiles and happy tears, Every Christmas is special and close to my heart.

For every one of you, I wish you the best in everything, Love and Light your way. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Fingers crossed let’s all have a great year!!



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