Things To Keep In Your House For Good Luck

Don’t we all deserve some good luck in our lives? In today’s advanced world, where technology plays a key role, we barely worry about good luck or something like that. A few dainty items and some quirky house decor can add a new character to your house. Some of these items can even bring you joy and prosperity. You might confuse this thinking with superstitious beliefs but originally this is the beginning of positive thinking. Positive and negative energies do exist around us. To clear out the negative energy, you can keep some quirky and easily available valuables in your house. Here, we have picked out 9 items that may bring good luck in your life, you can go through them, one by one.

1. Fresh Flowers

Let’s start with the most basic decor piece, which is easily available and accessible in the marketplace, fresh and gloomy flowers. The fragrance of these flowers will add positive energy to your house. We must not forget flowers are the most idealistic symbol to worship Gods and Goddesses. Flowering plants not only bring out the charm in your house but also bring prosperity to your life.  

2. Elephants

Buy small dainty Elephant statues. These are easily available in valuable stores. Elephants are a symbol of strength, gentleness, happiness, and prosperity. These giant mammals are known for their intelligence. It is very auspicious to keep the statue of elephants in pairs at home. People believe the pair will protect the whole family against negative energy. Elephant statues made of stone are usually kept at the main entrance of the house.

3. Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are believed to be the most effective feng Shui cure for luck. As per this Chinese belief, you really can’t go wrong with this versatile plant. It lifts our mood and brings out peace and good fortune. Small palm plants, orchids, and money trees are also considered lucky charms.

4. Horseshoe

Many people believe if we hang a horseshoe on top of our main door then it will bring good luck to our lives. Historians say the practice has originated from various age-old Irish stories. Some say it will ward off the devil from our lives while others believe it protects us from negative energy. Placing an iron horseshoe above the entrance door is a classic way to protect your house from negative energy and evil forces.

5. Buddha

Placing a small statue of Buddha in the central part of the home calls for good vibes. If you rub the Laughing Buddha’s great belly, then it will bring you wealth, good luck, and prosperity. If not a statue, then you can invest in spiritual Tapestry wall hangings or wall posters that come with giant Buddha prints and paintings. Buddhas are known for their caring and calming nature. To work properly every day, a person’s mindset should always remain calm and relaxed. Buddha statues bring out positive energies and are essential in every house.

6. Dream Catcher

These quirky and cool-looking dream-catchers ring in positive vibes and provide peace to our minds. You can use it in various forms. Some like carrying a dream catcher everywhere, you can wear it, hang it, or bookmark it! Beautiful dream catcher comes in different colors as well. These are said to protect the sleeping person from negative vibes and evil dreams. As the name suggests, Dream-catcher passes positive dreams to our minds. It is an artistic home decor item that symbolizes happiness and joy.

7. Incense

Incense sticks are mainly burnt for aroma. Some believe the smoke produced by these sticks can clear out negativity from our homes. These are mostly found in every household. They say if you burn incense sticks in your house, then it will bring harmony and good luck in our lives.

8. Salt Lamp

People say when you light up a salt lamp, then it gives out a warm, reddish-pink glow which boosts up our moods and improves our sleep routine. These lamps come with multiple health benefits. These decorative lights are made of pink Himalayan salt. Using a salt lamp cleans up the air in our house. These can even soothe allergies.

9. Crystals

Wearing crystal rings or neck-pieces made of crystals like rose quartz, blood stone, turquoise, smoky quartz, and others can bring good luck to your life. People say these crystals can bring love, joy, happiness, prosperity, and good luck to our lives. Our stress is released to some extent and it also provides peace of mind and soul.

Apart from these many options, you should practice doing yoga daily in the morning. Practicing yoga clears up negative energy from our mind and soul, and our stress is relieved, thus we can function in a better way. Good luck is a direct outcome of positive energy. Calming attitude nourishes our mindset and thus calls in for good luck.



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