This is Patna meeting Delhi kind of story!

This is Patna meeting Delhi kind of story, falling in love with the roads less taken and exploring life in a whole new way.

Ours is a story of 2 States, not just in geographical boundaries but in thoughts, minds & expressions. It’s love by chance. Yes! like in most love stories, we met through Common friends. Never did I ever imagine I will devote myself into loving someone against my image of an ideal man, above it all consider a typical Delhi Boy – Rude, brash, womanizer & alcoholic 😂😂 Such was my image of Delhi men ( those extremely handsome, sharp looking men ). Fortunately, my man turned out to be just the opposite… He was kind, soft, respectful, loves alcohol & keeps great company. This is Patna meeting Delhi kind of story! 



I am a convent educated Christian girl from Patna, living away from family in the starry city of Delhi, living life as it comes, making mistakes, enjoying college afterlife, settling myself in the Delhi environment and totally loving it. 

Udai my husband now was a friend of my childhood chuddy buddy, Punjabi & from Delhi. I had been staying with my friend & sharing their warm house while working at a private bank. Of course, he wasn’t completely unknown to me. I had known him earlier, seen him ( never spoke) & knew far about him already, thanks to my friend!  My friend ( I choose not to reveal the name ) & Udai shared bday’s the same month & it was so that they celebrated it together. It was in one of their common bday parties that Udai was happy high & went down on his knees. It wasn’t a typical woo- me situation. Coz I knew that he was casually flirting or just maybe too high in spirits to realize what he was doing. The night went by making advances & friends bullying us 😂 We even went for a short drive the morning after the party. Didn’t speak much, had a bar of chocolate instead & was back. 

While Udai kept asking me out for coffee & I kept making repeated excuses .. I finally decided to go out with him. 

While I waited at the metro for him to pick me up. He made me wait, only to realize later that he had got me flowers. So, until this, there was nothing out open & official about anything. I wasn’t sure if I had feelings for him.

These meetings went on for a few days until One day Udai decided to pour his heart out! We shared a lot of stories in between – facts & realities of each of our lives. He was stark honest which floored me! In his words – he opened his past life to me, he put forward all that he did. but he also promised – No matter who he has been all this while he said – ” I have been all of those, i had have couple of relationships, but with you from now I just want you & I am in it with all my heart & soul. There is no foul play coz I know you aren’t the girl who’ll take it easy. Take ur time & let me know if u think & feel the same too”!! It was shock & amazement for me 😁

It took me a week to decide what my heart wanted ( While my heart always thumped seeing him, I wasn’t sure if I’d take him seriously). We were driving past the toll in Gurgaon when I accepted his proposal & we started official. That was the 17th of October 2012. While in the entire road journey he kept on saying he wished there were traffic signals everywhere 🤗 That’s only on how we started. There are 6 years in between of how we have grown & matured in love before we tied the knot in April 2018.



So Udai & I always knew that ours was a serious relationship that was only headed towards marriage. Little did we realized that marriage could also be a struggle for us! While Udai was loud & out about our relationship to his friends & family, I revealed it to my family after a year. It took me 4 years to get my Father to our wedding venue to give away the bride. A Punjabi marrying a Christian was the biggest hindrance. Our love knew no such thing ever. But we kept pestering our sides, sometimes by love at times with force. Finally, we got hitched. A rough battle won & we are happily settled😊 We live as friends coz that’s most imp to us. We respect each of our sides. We respect our private space & I am treated equally in his family and now I stay with my in-laws.

That’s my happily ever after & forever.



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