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Handcrafted items, as a lot of you, know that I support handcrafted items because each item is made out of love and passion.  Every item when someone makes it out of love and passion you would know that they put their heart mind and soul into making it.  My blog represents such people and today I am so glad to come across one search person who use the reusable item to create something beautiful.  To run a business it takes a lot of effort and I completely support this one of a kind people. When I came across this Instagram account, I loved the vibrant colours and the blend of ethnic yet very modernised items.  You must be wondering what am I talking about!
I am talking about this very special brand that I came across very recently called – Athulyam

She makes one of a kind Offbeat upcycle pieces of jewellery.  she doesn’t restrict yourself to just pieces of jewellery but she also makes amazing home decors. 
I am sure you must be excited to know more about this brand and the person behind this brand.  she has a very beautiful story to tell, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. So here is my conversation with the lady herself from the brand Athulyam

Tell me something about you, your life, career and family

I am Geetha living in Chennai. Mom of a super active soon-gonna-be 5-year-old boy.. An IT professional 9 am -5 pm and a busy mommy/wife/daughter/daughter in law rest of the time. I have been in the IT Profession for the past 14 years. I am a self-taught artist. I initially started doing small art activities to kill time. I learnt knitting, jewellery making by watching some youtube videos.

How did you start this as a business?

I love handicrafts and anything that is handmade… I have attended jewellery making workshops… I have always been collecting the fabric leftovers after getting my Kurtas/ blouses stitched. I wanted to put those fabrics I have been hoarding to use and apply my newly learnt skill. I initially made fabric jewellery for myself. I used to share pics of my work with cousins and colleagues. Their encouraging words pushed me further to try different designs. On a casual everyday chat, my cousin asked why don’t you put your jewellery work for sale. This triggered the idea of starting a jewellery making business. Initially, I started selling German Silver jewellery and gradually started with Fabric jewellery. I have always been an enthusiastic learner be it art, craft or new Technology at the workplace. I attended a workshop on Decoupage. This new art was so addictive. I tried it in all unused items at home and finally ventured in home decor Product range.

What are your plans?

Currently, we have a collection of Fabric earrings collection. Soon planning to launch new collections – Chokers, Chains, Bangles, Rings as well I also want to try other forms of Jewellery in future. We would like to make one of a kind statement jewellery pieces affordable.

What lead you into this business? What brought forward this concept?

In this era of machines and robots, my love for handmade products and passion towards arts and crafts lead to the start-up of Athulyam. The concept of using a new medium (fabric scraps) in jewellery making was very fascinating.

What is your speciality?

We specialize in Fabric Jewellery and have recently launched home decor Products. Jewellery is made from Fabric scraps from our personal hoardings or collected from local tailoring shops. We wash and process the fabrics before we use them for jewellery. Since the fabric scrap is limited are jewellery is truly one of a kind and limited edition. We do take bulk and custom orders – Fabric jewellery/home decor products.

The price of our products starts at Rs 80 and ranges to Rs 2000.
We do take bulk orders for return gifts to birthday parties/festivals.

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