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Travelling has always been challenging when it comes to hygiene. Especially, personal hygiene. Nobody talks about it much other than discussing how beautiful the place is and how amazing the trip was, which is definitely the whole purpose of a trip. But as I have been travelling for a pretty long time, I have suffered a lot regarding hygiene from time to time. Even though my trips go amazing, I am down with a fever, or with UTI or I am down with some other different Stomach problems once I come back home.

So this time, in my Sikkim trip, as I have mentioned in my blog, I have travelled with a hygiene kit from Pee Buddy.

A small incident that I would like to share in this context, had occurred back in March 2019 when I travelled to Coimbatore and then to the Nilgiris. So while travelling to one of the villages in Nilgiri called Nals, I needed to use a washroom. We stopped at one of the villages to ask whether I could use one of their washrooms and they clearly said, ‘No’. We asked at least 40 people for approximately in a radius of 3 – 7 kilometres and everyone refused me to use their washroom as I kept explaining to them that I just wanted to pee. Then, the person who was travelling with me found out in Google that there was a petrol pump which was 24 kilometres ahead and I had to wait for the next couple of hours to reach the petrol pump and use a washroom. Also, he wasn’t even sure whether the petrol pump would have a washroom or not so I told him to stop the car near any place where I could go and pee in the open. Yes! That sounds ridiculous when it comes from a person who comes from a city who is very aware of the fact that we should not pee in public but I had no other choice other than to pee in the open. This little incident got me thinking. But later I enjoyed my trip and I came back home within a week. But when I came back home I realised that I had been suffering from rashes all over my legs and hands. So, I immediately went to the doctor to get it checked and he gave me some general medicines which I took for a week. They did not help me much. So, I went back to the doctor and I explained to him about the food that I ate about the places that I travelled during that time and I completely forgot to mention the incident that I just told. I thought it wasn’t a big deal but it was because if some insect had bitten me on my thighs that might have led to the allergy in the first place. I’ve had many of such experiences and incidents from time to time. But when I was travelling to Sikkim I wanted it to be very sure of how to take care of things regarding my personal hygiene. I was even choosing to shift to menstrual cups. While I was ordering my mensuration cups and was going through different other hygienic products that are available for women. Then, I came across the body travel hygiene kit that included

  • Pee Buddy- 3 Funnels. You get the freedom to stand and pee.
  • Feminine Pain Relief Patches – 1 Pct. As I suffer from PCOD, the cramps are unbearable.
  • Disposal Bag – 5 Bags. These are OXO biodegradable.
  • Intimate Wet Wipes – 10 Pcs – 1 Pack. Much needed.
  • Underarm Sweat Pads – 2 Pads, 1 Pair. So I got the freedom from underarm sweat & odour.
  • Mosquito Repellent Patches – 4 Patches. Much needed.

So, I ordered it and I decided to use it during my trip. Sikkim is one of the most beautiful places I have visited so far. I travel to various destinations in India. it is very difficult to find a decent toilet. Sometimes, there is no toilet at all, which I have already mentioned at the starting of this blog. But for this trip when I travelled with the hygiene kit from ‘Pee buddy India’ I felt a little safer. We all know about the scarcity of water in the hills. So, sometimes I had to use toilets which were extremely dirty and filthy but the products that gave me the freedom to stand and Pee helped me in such situations. The intimate wash from ‘Sirona’ helped me to maintain my pH balance in situations where water was not available. It is important to talk about women hygiene which was a taboo till now and I am glad that things are changing. Like many women around the globe, I also suffer from PCOD also known as Polycystic Ovary Disease. As a result, menstrual irregularity comes with a lot of bloating and pain on my lower back and mostly around the stomach area. I use the relief patch from ‘Sirona Hygiene’ for the first time thinking that it would not work much as I suffer from a very bad case of pain and cramps. But fortunately, it proved me wrong and relieved me from cramps. It is 100% herbal and had no side effects. This pack also came with disposable bags which helped me not to litter around but helped me be responsible. These bags are biodegradable, they are extremely easy to carry and tamper-proof. So I kept myself clean as well as the toilet and the environment.

Special mention- I had to make this section for some toilets that I had seen. I felt it was not right to take pictures of them as I would be respectful- firstly, towards our Indian Army and secondly, towards our Government. They don’t fall under the Armies regime per se but they were near the Army base camp and these toilets were comparatively usable than the other toilets in the villages and the halts. Sikkim is beautiful and breath-taking. The roads are well taken care of. Starting from humble people to a medical emergency to driveways to ‘No Plastic Zone’, it was a safe place and well taken care of. I was proud to see how safe we are as a citizen as well as a tourist only because of our Indian Army. But, as a whole, we need to be responsible and talk about our hygiene and do what is rightful to keep our body healthy. The Travel Hygiene Kit helps me so much in terms of taking care of my personal hygiene. We must take ownership of what can be changed rather than cribbing complaining and compromising.



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