Trip with my Best friend Anantagiri Hill Part1

I guess everyone has this one particular childhood dream .. the dream is to travel with your best friend.

So, of course, this trip was really special to me.

I remember I had put down my papers in Hyderabad and I called up my best friend Nira told her that I am shifting to Mumbai. I have just 15 days more in Hyderabad. Since all my friends are working I shall go around a few places alone and then travel back to Kolkata. Her immediate response was oh great! See you in Kolkata.

I remember clearly it was around 3 pm when I called her, she called back around 7 pm and inquired – “hey, did you find any place to visit in and around Hyderabad?”

I was like I don’t know maybe Anantagiri hills.

She was like great sent me your location by morning I will be in Hyderabad took a bus from Bangalore just now. I was shocked stunned, I had no idea what to say what to do. I was super happy. I was practically jumping in joy all around the house and the house owner through an earthquake has come down.

Yes, of course, she was in Hyderabad by next day morning!

So Anantagiri is about 90 km away from Hyderabad, it is situated in Vikarabad district Telangana. We did do our research and found out that no buses or other means of transport are available to land up in Anantagiri. We both were very disappointed and she was almost going to kill me while I called up a few friends. I asked her if she was interested to ride all the way to Anantagiri? She is ever ready to ride in a new city. Let me tell you this I was not ready to risk my life!

So few other friends also volunteered to come along, we hired bikes from at the cheapest price.

Now, none of you thought where are we going to stay? I love adventure so does she, we came up with a plan to hire tents. We were very unsure about hiring tents but we did find as our lifesaver, they got the best tents to offer from Quechua at a super reasonable price.

Yes, so we packed our backpacks, picked up our tents and set out to Anantagiri. Once we were on the highway and then traveled from countryside roads breathing fresh air. I can’t tell you how I felt. It is true to have no plans and then just figure out how to do and what to do is the best feeling in the world when you actually get to do it.

We reached Anantagiri after a long ride of about 3hours, we did take juice breaks in between and also photo breaks.

So we reached Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple it is the starting point and you can trek up from there, you would find small tea stalls and hotels. We grabbed some tasty grub and set out ride up on the hill.

Let the pictures do the talking now

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy TempleWe looked around for a spot to set up our tent, Quechua tents are very easy to set up and assemble. extremely handy and user friendly.

There isn’t anything like breathing fresh air, to hear the sound of crickets and frogs and looking at the sky full of stars. I thought this only exists in movies until I experienced it. Oh also to have your best friend keeping up with your madness without any complaint.

Things to remember – you need to carry matchstick, water, emergency lights, chips and other edible items.

Also that the temperature drops at night we felt pretty chilled, so do carry stole or shawl.

Getting Our tent ready

Woke up to peacocks calling us “rise and shine” – not literally but yes we did spot many peacocks which were wonderful. We trekked up and down the hill thought we will lose weight. We didn’t!

But It was just beautiful, green and clean. Loved every bit of it.

If you are thinking what else to do in Anantagiri hills? How much did I spend?  Wait for part 2.




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