Wine Please! – Sincerely Sabrina

Are you by any chance wondering why wine? how wine?
So yes let me take you on a journey of wine.

Sincerely Sabrina – definitely sure it is a beautiful name, so it is just not a name it is a brand. Let me introduce you to a lady who brew wine in India.

Excited to know more about it? Then here you go.

Juhina – She belongs from a Tamil family who has been settled in Kolkata for last four generation but had the urge to return to her root, to be back home in Chennai. Chennai has been really special for her because she met her husband in Chennai, Yes she is married with two amazing kids.

You must be wondering then how does she manage her time Into the business? I had the same question running in my mind.
So she made it easier for me and told me that she always had a passion for cooking, and she used to keep making baking and brewing stuff at home for friends and family. Since a lot of people had told her in time that she is wonderful in what she does, it drove her to establish her brand call Sincerely Sabrina. She holds the degree of MBA in HR but her calling was always for food, anything related to the food. She is a complete foodie as she has described.
Well, I can definitely bet on that she is a foodie, so am I always hungry.

So I wanted to know and I am sure that all of you want to know what kind of wine she make and how?

She said “Wine can be brew with any seasonal fruit of your choice.

It was really interesting for me to know. I was completely throw off my chair.
So here is the list of wines that she has brewed –

Wine with Mint, Tea, uncooked Rice, Tomatoes, Nellika (Indian gooseberry/amla), Ginger, Black Currants, Peach, Apricot, Plum, beetroot, pineapple and grapes and many more.

That is like a lot to remember and taste.

Seems like the list is endless, but her personal favorite is blackcurrant and grapes.

My personal favorite is the grape it is just yum. I think I drank up the entire bottle without her noticing me doing so.

She has different kinds of blackcurrant and grape flavored wine as she can really play around with the taste and texture.


I am sure Brewing is an art and she is blessed with it.

I wanted to know about the process and I am sure that all of you reading this would want to know about the process.

So here it is what she replied for me –

“Brewing is an acquired craft. One needs to follow the recipe and also the hygiene and patience reign supreme in winemaking. It is a tedious process where you need to sterilize all the pieces of equipment before you start. One needs to religiously stir the wine at a stipulated time daily for 21 days.
Sadly it’s a dying craft because we live in an “instant” generation where one doesn’t have the time nor patience to dedicate to this form of creativity. Since the wine I brew is totally chemical free and organic it takes even longer to brew.”

Wow, I am sure it is really really difficult to brew, all I can do is drink it.

She makes all kinds of wine but only sells grape wine in the varieties of Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot and Port wine. Each of these wines is personally brewed and varies in taste, colour and smoothness.

So be ready to get tipsy and calm your nerves with these collections of wine.
I have tasted so many wines but there is nothing more precious than sipping on to my glass of handmade wine.

If you want to know more about Sincerely Sabrina. Please do mail.

If you are thinking How can you place your order ?? 

The name is Sincerely Sabrina as you know already. Her wine is personalized and hence she make it personally on a medium scale. As of now orders can be placed over the phone only in Chennai.

Taking my bottle of wine home, go and get yours right away.

With Love,

Have a Great Week ahead.



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