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“If travelling was free you would never see me again”, We always have this thought in our mind but what if we come up with ideas to start earning while travelling across the globe, enjoying our dream holiday
destination, and monetizing it sounds exciting right? So, let’s explore ways to make travel a livelihood and how travel can turn into profits. And yes, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur you can make big bucks in the travel industry As we all know people rely on YouTube for every piece of information. Create a Travel vlog and post interesting videos about the travel destinations you visited and share your experience about visiting
each tourist place and travel prerequisites for that location to make your audience travel hassle-free.
Being consistent in uploading videos and building a good relationship with the audience by replying to the comments is the utmost important thing to grow your channel. Once you create engaging content you can start earning through paid promotions and ads.
There are infinite opportunities to make money while travelling all it takes is to spend time to research which suits your passion and profession. If you are a passionate photographer, you can head to exotic destinations and capture beautiful pictures of landscapes and make your travel photographer portfolio and use it in high-profile campaigns. Websites and magazines always require high definition images for advertisements.

If you are an outspoken and enthusiastic person you can make a small group of travellers and trekkers and be a Trek lead and camp organizer planning an itinerary and being there travel guide and eventually
improving your services and hospitality to attract more number of tourists and develop into a bigger firm.
Some of us are travel junkies from early childhood and teenage and we are always up for adventures. If you are one among those who is always looking for relishing travel experiences you can pursue a
Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Travel and Tourism from prestigious colleges and universities with a good scope of placements in travel companies like Thomas Cook, Make my trip etc.
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and ready to take calculated risks, the travel industry can make your dreams come true. Coming up with new ideas in travelling and being adaptable to the changing trends in
tourism can help you emerge as an entrepreneur in the travel industry. For instance, Solo travelling is the current trend wherein people wish to travel to know more about themselves but are not completely ready. Planning and organizing trips to the places which are suitable for solo travel and encouraging solo travellers can be one of your brand ideas.

Making a travel podcast which talks about history and culture of that place, the best time of the year to visit the place and famous tourist spots of the destination. As the audience can hear to a podcast while doing
their work in parallel. Creating a marketing strategy by collaborating with trip planners and hotels and providing required information can help you to monetize your podcast.
Ignoring your passion can be your biggest regret while growing up, explore ways to make it work for you there are endless opportunities if you are passionate and creative. It is all about being consistent and innovative in your efforts and ideas. We will face challenges and hardships in this journey, but Passion is all that drives us and makes us successful.

Keep traveling and chasing your dreams till it comes true.



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