What are your summer plans as a high school student

The pandemic is over. The government has lifted the Covid restrictions. They have reopened schools and colleges. Students are back in the classroom. After a really long gap, students are back in the school playground. We have resumed our regular lifestyle. Along with the hustle and bustle of life, we are also facing the summer heat. The high school students are all set and ready for the summer vacation. During this vacation period, don’t stay idle in your house. If you are a high school student, then you are at the right place. I know you are thinking about what you should do this summer season. So, here is a list of a few things which you can do to enjoy and utilize your summer days.

1. Travelling With Your Family

Summer vacation calls for a lovely vacation trip. Whether it’s your old village house or the cool breezy beach of Goa, your soul is craving a fun family time. So convince your mom and dad. They would deny your request in the beginning, but they will surely hear your wish. Moreover, this summer vacation is quite special for all of us. The travel restrictions are no more here. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, as soon as possible.

2. Don’t Forget To Complete Your Homework

During this long summer vacation, we always take our holiday homework lightly. No school, no teachers, no classrooms, and thus we always push our homework away. We keep our work pending until the last minute and then we rush! This time, don’t repeat the same mistake. Complete your homework beforehand. Even if you give 2 hr to your holiday homework, it will be enough for you!

3. Cycling With Friends

Summer days are hot and sweaty. But summer evenings are chilled out and breezy. This summer, during the evening time, call your friends and go cycling. Cycling is very important for teenagers. The teenage stage is said to be our growing period, our mind and body react to our surroundings. To get stiff and strong body muscles, cycling needs to be on your schedule. So don’t delay further and get on board with cycling!

4. Relax Your Body With Swimming

I know you spend your whole week in school and tuition. But weekends call for some fun activities. During this summer season, add swimming to your list. Learning swimming also makes your muscles strong and lean. Moreover, in this hot and sweaty weather, you would love to spend 2-3 hours in water. So what’s better than swimming? This fun activity will relax your body and brain.

5. Complete Your Syllabus

Fun and relaxation are very important for us. But we shouldn’t forget to do our daily chores. Complete your syllabus during your summer vacation and be stress-free during exam times. Studying for 2 hours will surely not hamper your fun schedule!

Fully enjoy your summer days. Read a book, go to a movie with your friends, learn a new hobby, be creative, and do whatever your soul wants! You cannot rewind your school time, but you can surely make the most out of it.



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