What is your favorite unique home decor element?

Home is the absolute comfort zone, you can be anything and it makes you truly happy. A warm place full of love and laughter, also you can cry your heart out because it’s the only unbiased zone on earth! Home is the place of acceptance and also the most special place for everyone for numerous reasons.

But do you like empty rooms?

How about creating a vibrant living room and a cozy bedroom with unique decor elements.

Neon signs are one of my favorite home decor, some personalized catchy lines on a rugged background lits up the room with good vibes or something motivational which makes you jump out of bed and keeps you going. https://www.instagram.com/casalane_store/

Yes, everything begins at home!

You can just go a little more creative and pair up some flowers or pick your favorite theme wallpaper.

Wall arts and paintings are never behind the times.

Including some artwork in our living rooms brings unique energy because art is something that attracts everyone, your guests will be amazed by the intricacy of the paintings and your ideologies toward art.

The living room is also the core space of the home your entire family can catch up for tea and sit for hours discussing life amidst the beautiful paintings.

Some abstract paintings are also a great way to enhance the vibe of your living room and it is something that catches the eye of your guests and is surely the best way to break the ice to talk about the specialty of the painting. It is also important to choose home decor which syncs with your furniture.

The home decor speaks a lot about our taste and perspective, probably it’s the first impression when someone steps into the home. So, why not make it the best?

Here are my favourites –

It is always a  good idea to choose contrast colors to avoid too much brightness or light-colored decors.

Add an incredible grandeur to your living room with an amazing chandelier which makes your home nothing less than a palace. It gives an antique touch yet gives a classy look. Chandeliers have a unique way of lighting your home

Do you love dreamcatchers and plants –  a big Yesss

Dream catchers have a history, the idea of hanging a dream catcher is to avoid nightmares and have a pleasant sleep they are also known for avoiding the entry of negative energies. Give a new look to your bedroom with a dreamcatcher paired up with some lights and have a good night with sweet dreams!

No matter how tiring a day you have at work the vibe of the home eases your day and makes you feel lite due to the pandemic, we all are partially stuck at home, and spending time to plan your home decor is a great way to invest your time and money, trust me home decor is affordable it just needs good research and perfect planning.

Have you tried any new home decor or DIY home decor in recent times, we would love to hear from you.



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