When To Visit A Psychologist

We all desire to have a healthy and normal life. We always appreciate the good things in our lives, but what about the bad parts? Each individual has a different form of expressing themselves. Some are extroverts, while others are introverts and in the middle we also have ambiverts. We all talk about the happy days in our lives but what about the time we felt low, the time when things weren’t okay, the time when we felt like giving up? Why don’t we talk about it? We always prefer to suffer. But have you ever realized that a small counselling session could have helped you in a better way! If you don’t feel like yourself, if you feel like avoiding everyone, if you feel like not eating every day or if you are not able to sleep properly, then there is a high chance that you are not in a good space of mind. In all these cases, you can go for a counselling session. Out of hundreds, here are a few extreme situations, where you must visit a psychologist or a therapist. Remember, others are always there to advise you, but only you can help yourself.

1. You Are Going Through Emotional Disbalance

Emotional disbalance and pain are part and parcel of life. Everyone’s life consists of happy and sad moments. But sometimes, we just lose all our hopes! Immense emotional baggage results in emotional disbalance or turbulence! We feel highly confused and stressed. There may be times when you wanted to cry out loud but not a single drop of tear fell from your eyes. Earlier you used to laugh a lot, but now you have turned completely silent towards life. Expressing your emotions is not wrong. If you feel like you can’t express yourself anymore, if you are unable to handle your feelings, then you can always reach out to a psychologist or therapist. A counselling session might work wonders for you.

2. You Are Going Through A Traumatic Phase

If you are still holding the pain from your past life, then you must heal yourself. Past traumas can break an individual’s mental health. Grieving over loss is normal, but continuously crying over the same thing is not normal. Past traumas will affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. You must get out of that miserable state. If you are facing immense difficulty in forgetting about your past life, then you can always reach out to a psychologist. Talk to them about your problems. It’s high time, you must stop blaming yourself. When you interact with a counsellor or therapist, they eventually will try their best to help you out, they will listen to your problems and they will guide you to the right path.

3. You Want to Harm Yourself Physically

We often feel clueless about our lives. We start feeling worthless, we start distancing ourselves from our loved ones and we eventually feel like life is falling out of our hands. This pain and loneliness increase day by day and eventually we decide to give up on our lives. If you feel all of this, then you must divert your mindset as soon as possible. There is always a solution out there. If you feel like harming yourself or if you don’t feel like living anymore, then you must contact a psychologist or you can take anger management counselling sessions. Harming yourself is not an answer to your problems. It will just bring more pain and regret to your life. This is your time to change your lifestyle, talk with a therapist or psychologist, they will study your state. They will hear you out and eventually, they will lead you to a better path.

4. You Are Addicted Towards Drugs, Cigarettes or Alcohol

Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and high doses of caffeine are not good for you! Addiction to these substances mainly occurs due to high levels of stress or depression. Daily consumption of these substances might cause an imbalance in an individual’s life. If you want to make your life better, you must quit these habits as soon as possible. If you want to get over your addiction, always feel free to consult a psychologist or therapist. They will hear out your problems. They will help you to overcome your addiction. Thus, you can once again resume your normal lifestyle.

5. There Are Issues in Your Relationships

Trust and communication are the two most important pillars of any relationship! Be it a parent-child relationship, couple relationship, or any other form of relationship, stress and tension in relationships are very common these days. Due to a generation gap or series of misunderstandings, we might distance ourselves from our loved ones. If you are facing a problem with your son or daughter, you can go for family therapy. Similarly, if you are facing issues with your partner, you can go for couples therapy. There is nothing wrong with consulting a therapist or counsellor. After all, to solve a problem, you must talk about it.

Mental Peace Is Important– Stress, anxiety, and panic attacks are normal in everyone’s life. But continuously worrying about every little thing is not normal. You must take proper care of your mental health. We must talk about our problems. Most importantly, don’t ever distance yourself from your friends or family, this will just trip you into loneliness and you will end up feeling even more bizarre. Asking for help is not a crime. Always feel free to consult a therapist or psychologist.



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