Why Body Positivity

Every time we look at the mirror an inner critic says. I wish, I was slim and had a perfect shape. I don’t really like my complexion and so on, with all these phrases aren’t we hurting our inner self?

Give it a thought!

Your success, your mindset, and your happiness begins with ‘Accepting yourself and being content with yourself.

See how life would change when you look in the mirror and feel “The most lovely person in and out is right in front of me”. Of course, say cheese and click a mirror selfie!

We always overlook the fundamental fact that nobody can be ‘You’ and it’s such an amazing thing to be unique in your way.

People walk into your life and leave very casually as if you never existed, but no matter what you’re the lifelong companion of yourself. It is very important to put yourself first, Love yourself, and prioritize yourself. Rest everything will follow success, peace and happiness.

Body positivity has the power of changing your life phenomenally, being comfortable in your skin, accepting your body regardless of size and shape strengthens your confidence levels. It builds up the great inner strength to stand up and be there for yourself in the tough times, which gives you the courage to conquer your fears and insecurities. There is magic in body positivity. It enhances your mental health and keeps you motivated.

Don’t miss the fun of living by complaining about dark circles, complexion, gender. Celebrate your unique existence, Love yourself a little more, be gentle and forgive easily and yes, life will change.

Body positivity is not an overnight process but surely it is enlightening, it focuses on the good side of everything and gives a sense of inclusiveness.

According to recent research, 78% of women and 45% of men aged below 30 years dislike their bodies and find it difficult to practice body positivity. On the other hand, some have mastered acceptance and found themselves in a better space.

Body positivity is such an overwhelming emotion you define your beauty which doesn’t need any damn approval from anyone because you know you’re perfect in your way and this acceptance is a great accomplishment!

Most of us find it a difficult task to be positive about our body and looks, we miss out on accepting our body and ignore the fact that it’s a remarkable creation of the universe. It’s never too late to start the best things, encourage yourself to embark on the journey of body positivity

The first step towards acceptance and body positivity is never comparing yourself with anyone. Say only kind things to yourself, treat yourself in the best way possible with positive affirmations. Compliment yourself and others.

Tell yourself out loud “I am complete and awesome”

Be grateful and count your blessings, this makes you happy and keeps you away from negativity and appreciate life.

Practising body positivity is one of the invaluable favours you can do for yourself.

Our body has endured the deepest scars and every single time it helps us to outgrow the pain, It helps you breathe, it helps you heal, it teaches you to love and to be loved undoubtedly you deserve eternal self-love. Real happiness lies in loving yourself and being ‘BodyPositive’.

We would love to know how body positivity has transformed your life.



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