Yash Jhaveri |How This Pandemic Gave My Life A Direction

While I was in college, my favourite subject was always Marketing and I believed that it was what I wanted to do when I graduated. It so happened that as I neared finishing my graduate degree, the world was facing the horrors of a pandemic. I was terrified about what was going to happen next, so I started working with my father in his company which is known as ‘WeCare’. When the pandemic hit our country, the serious of the Healthcare industry took a boom. The Indian health-care industry found a chance to see drastic growth, in every aspect. people started becoming more conscious about themselves and about their surroundings which I was taken for granted for years now. I found it to be the best opportunity to step forward and work to the best of my abilities.

Fresh out of college, when my Dad allowed me to work with him in his company. I was looking forward to working with my father after all which son would not I want something like that to happen in their life. it was a big deal for me. my excitement and enthusiasm were at its peak. Soon, when I started understanding the nuances of working of the company, I realised what the true significance of the health-care industry, is in the global scenario. This opportunity has helped me to realise that in addition to Marketing being my key strength, my communication skills have also come in very handy while creating my clientele from scratch. While it is true that if one joins their family business, it provides them with a rather established platform to begin work at however I would like to break the myth that joining a family business does not mean it makes their journey easier or clearer. In my experience, and in that of some of my friends, I have come to realise that we are not treated as more special than other employees. It is, in fact, quite the opposite, we have more to do than complete the on-going tasks.we are more pressurized to do much better so that we can prove ourselves and not being call and opportunist.
This is also an opportunity for the younger generation to push their companies toward innovation and keeping up with the ever-evolving changes in the market.
Looking at the current scenario, it is definitive that opportunity might come from any direction in any form and one must have the mindset that allows for them to welcome new ways to grow. The times we are currently living in has also proved to me that while money has a very important role to play in our lives, the true wealth we all possess and must always value at the top is our health.

Currently, Yash Jhaveri works as Sales & Marketing Director with his father and their company WeCare is among the most reputed and largest PPE manufacturers in Maharashtra. I joined the company as an intern and since then, have become a permanent employee. My responsibility started with an introduction to sales and customer interaction however with time my responsibilities have also increased drastically.
With great power comes great responsibility. When I started working at my father’s company I was just another intern who was coming to work after finishing college, however, with the current global situation coming in, I was forced to step up and take up more responsibility quickly. Initially, I worked on increasing our social media presence and making cold calls- something any typical marketing intern would do. However, with time, we needed to get all hands on heck which meant picking up more slack- soon I was not only handling cold calls and customer inquiries but also ensuring all order processing and dispatches happen smoothly. I created my list of clientele who I worked alongside throughout every step of the process.
One of my proudest realizations was getting my first stipend. It was only when I got the first stipend that I truly understood why it is such a big deal for people our age. Being compensated financially for your hard work- waking up every day and going to work, meeting all the deadlines. It all feels worth the effort when you get your first stipend.

One of my most memorable achievements was when I was able to crack a deal with a very prominent and popular organization. Mr Shahrukh Khan’s foundation: The Meer Foundation has been one of our biggest orders to date. Being able to bag this opportunity has been a point of my pride and that of my parents and made me believe that I could achieve big things with small steps. One other such experience that I would love to quote, which has been a massive stepping stone for me was signing up for the FICCI Virtual Healthcare & Hygiene Expo this year where I, singlehandedly set up our company store and handled client interactions and lead generation for our company. Getting a chance to be the face of an established company at such a large scale event was another most cherished experience so far.

Earlier, no one recognized me for me nor did I know the in’s and out’s of the business but within no time I can confidently say that I have achieved my recognition within the industry & have created my own space. This has been one of my most fond achievement to date.
Some of the top skills I have acquired and brushed up on while being on the job are that I have seen a vast difference in my understanding of people and my communication skills. I have realised that you don’t always have to put in so much effort in trying to make people understand your point of view or agree with you, personal differences should never come in the way of getting a task completed. While I made multiple cold calls each day, I feel more and more confident in facing clients in various scenarios.
One other skill that I could explore during my job here has been my marketing skills. I have always been very fond of Marketing as a subject during college and as a career option today. With the various roles I have filled in during my job, I have come to realise my deep linking and natural ability to dive right into this field. When I think about the values I have learnt during this job, funnily enough, everyone values money but not the value of hard-earned money. Now that I’m earning my own money, I understand the value of thoughtful spending and saving.

Anyone reading this, please please understand the importance of saving for a rainy day!
I believe that my current job is going to be a huge stepping stone in my career. I have always enjoyed Marketing as a subject in college and since getting into this job, I have had a great host of opportunities to hone my marketing, sales and communication skills which have prepared me for the future. I have had various experiences that have helped me in better understanding of people, businesses and industries.

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  1. Imagine thinking that having the opportunity to work in a company owned by your parents is tougher than being a normal employee lmao. was this written on a calculator? can i submit an article about how i managed to do 20 pushups in a row in the pandemic and that taught me a lot about ‘hard work’

    1. Hey, I would love to know about your hard work snd motivation to manage 20 push up in a row like in this pandemic, all I managed was not even one proper push-up! so do email about your journey regards to your ‘hard work’

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