10 Indoor Activities that can Delight your Toddlers

You have been stuck inside for a long time and it continues to be similar for the time being. As an adult, you are mature enough to understand and cope up with the situation. But what about your 2-year-old child whose day is supposed to be full of games. They are full of energy and
get upset if they are not engaged in playing all day. Within normal conditions, there was always an activity for toddlers and many games for kids to enjoy their day. But there are not many ways to engage your toddler given the circumstance today. We sometimes run out of ideas as well. Here we are, delighted to introduce the most interesting list of indoor games that can bring joy to your toddler and to you.

Train with Boxes 

You can just add this to the list of indoor games. This can be one of the fun games to play with friends indoors and kids do enjoy playing with friends. Just give your toddlers some boxes which are just left aside. Help them build a train with those boxes. Add on some crayons, color papers, and sketches to draw some images on it. 

Sticky Spider Web 

You can take this in a spare room or a narrow corner of your house. Take up a painter’s tape and make a spider web in a corner. Give the toddlers some newspapers or waste papers. Just roll them and throw them on the web to stick up. This can be the best activity for toddlers. They can go on for hours by just rolling the papers and throwing them on the web. 

Shaving Cream 

Just put up some shaving cream in a bowl or a plate and let your toddler play with it. This is the best kiddie game, I bet the toddlers love playing with shaving cream. And please don’t forget to put an old shirt on your kid and a towel on them. It’s definitely gonna end messily. 


This is one of the games to play with your kids as you can actually enjoy playing it with them. Grab any bottles and line them up as pins and use a newspaper to make a ball. Knocking up the pins would be very much fun to do. 

Create accessories 

Having fun with games is always the motive to engage your toddlers. Shoelace, buttons, threads, hard noodles, or anything else just to create a necklace, earrings, and many others. Making baby accessories is not just a fun activity but the child can actually use them. There are different types of baby accessories for boys and girls. You can make a list and ask the kids to choose the one they want to make. 

Target Playing 

Games for kids would not end up not having a target game. Make a target and let your toddler throw the recycling papers at the target. They can roll the papers or fold it in a rocket shape or any other. 


Clay works would be perfect as the activity for toddlers. Shaping the clay as per their thoughts will bring up creativity within them. Yes, they are still toddlers but what they do sometimes make you wonder. 

Walk on a Tape 

Coming up with a game for kids to play is a hard thing to do. But when you concentrate you can actually build a game within your home resources. Make lines with the tapes, any kind, and let your toddler walk on it. This can be a kind of exercising activity too. 

Pom Poms 

It is one of the popular kids’ games to play. Throw all the pom-poms and let your toddler sort them all perfectly. They will play for a long time and it’s an interesting one too. 

Cloud Dough 

It is something related to clay. Just simple ingredients can make the cloud dough and your toddler will enjoy making it. Give some more ingredients as an add on or any block to help them to shape the dough. 

This is the list of indoor games that help you with engaging your toddlers all day. These games for kids are a lot of fun and enjoyable. As your child is going to be playing all day, you need to make sure that they are wearing comfortable clothes that keep them warm. Check out Tiny Twig for 100% organic clothes that are soft on your baby’s skin 



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