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I am Manish Das, a counsellor and spiritual and trauma healing guide, using inner healing and counselling to help the traumatized. Combining my years as a life coach, inner healing guide, and a pastor while helping thousands of people find peace and love. To do this, I integrate all of my learning, and I share them with you. While Standing in the Gap for all those who are Hurting, Depressed, Anxious, Confused, Abused, Sexually Rejected, Scorned, Lost their Jobs and having Mental Health Issues and for those who are looking for answers.

I remember clearly 2016 was the first time I met him in person and since then he has been very helpful. I suffer from depression and the first person who could see that in the midst of my joyful bubbly soul was Mr Manish. Here is a little background of my story

Since then till now, it has been a miracles journey. Many take breaks but then again he has been constant and personally I believe we all need someone in life who would just silently be there and when needed to be available and accessible, just a call or a text away. Life is too short to hold on to endless baggage that we keep filling up ourself with, its time we come in terms with it. Its time that we at least try to come in terms with it.

Tell me something about you. Your life, career, family etc (Who is Manish Das)

I am passionate about helping individuals, families, and organizations thrive. Having experienced a lot of trauma and pain. I have become a natural caregiver and have helped thousands of people. I am a Speaker,  Writer, Consultant, Trainer (Mentor). I bring together a unique fusion of experience ranging from corporate leadership to Pastoral Ministry, inner healing, and spiritual development coach.

I hold:

  • Masters’ degree in International Business Management
  • Trained Christian Counselor with wide experience in Inner healing and counseling for the traumatized, depressed, people with anxiousness and a wide range of other mental health.

From 2013 – 2019:

  • I and my wife Arpita started and ran Life Builders Community Trust, a not-for-profit organization positioned to help others have an emotional balance and spiritually healthy.
  • We helped the community start educational work in rural India. 
  • During this time I was also working as a healer and caregiver in a non-for-Profit organization helping thousands of people find a better way of living through spiritual healing and getting rid of their traumas.

I and my wife Arpita have twin daughters, Indians by birth, however, we reside in Indonesia. Today, I spend my time studying, writing, and consulting organizations. I am a passionate Healer and continue to help people achieve and thrive. I want each individual to grow in life. To feel better and find peace within themself.

When did you start this journey as in when did you think that it is important to talk about mental health, brokenness etc? 

I have been a life coach, an Inner healer, and friends to known and unknown people for more than 10 years now. I have mentored thousands of people. A lot of people say that they have a solution to the problems that you have, the truth is that no one has a solution for the problems that you are facing right now. We all have to fight our own battle and that’s the reality of life. I personally have faced what it takes to be broken and, in my brokenness, much later in life, I found peace and serenity. I want to share this with as many people as I can and I am working towards the same. These are real-life experiences. My understanding and knowledge have come from what I have faced, observed and communicated. I have spent years having a conversation with people on dealing with different issues of life.

What inspired you? 

I was helped by God and God alone, during my time of depression and brokenness I was alone.  The loneliness and brokenness that I have experienced and the comfort that God provided me was the inspiration for me. Everyone does not have the faith and experience that I have received and that’s what I want to share, my struggle, my battle, my journey with people so that they don’t feel alone, abandoned.

What are your plan for the future?

I plan to work as a spiritual coach and guide helping people with mental health issues. Conduct at least one retreat after every 3 months in Bali, for a week and teach people the coupling mechanisms and meditations.

Other than mental health and healing what are the other areas you would like to explore in the future? What do you want to achieve?

I also have digital marketing high ticket products that I sell so would like to see that business grow. Welfare projects want to equip people (Women in particular) to handle situations like the COVID 19 situation, in terms of self-employment.

What were the struggles till now? 

I am not a marketing person and have a heart of compassion so I end up not charging the people who need my help. So sometimes it becomes difficult to balance and monetize my passion

You appear to be very optimistic and positive but we all have our bad days especially the situation we are in. How do you cope up with such days?

Meditation and concentrating on the word of God. having a deep faith in what you believe enables us to ride over the waves and not get drowned by it.

Any advice or suggestion for my readers (especially people who think that they have lost all hope in life?)!

There are people who are interested in talking to you and listening to your trauma and pain without judgment and biases. There are support groups if family and friends do not come to help reach out to these groups. Talk about your pain and share with someone who is willing to hear. Healing does not happen overnight and will take time. However, with the right directions and guide (Coaches, mentor and Therapist) you can make it happen. There’s no erase button, but there are ways to cope with it. would like to invite you to be part of my online journey of helping people to recover from various mental health issues. In today’s time, there has been a drastic rise in the number of people suffering from mental health issues. I have spent years helping people with these issues and now with the exponential growth of cases, I have been doing Facebook live and have started a YouTube channel to address these issues. I would like to invite you to check out these pages.



If you are struggling or just have a lot on your mind and need someone to talk to, you can do so from the comfort of your own home. Just click the link to get started:

The pricing mentioned on the page varies as of now, Contact me directly via email or my FB MessengerMy focus is to inspire, motivate, and encourage everyone in their walk life.



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