5 Dapper Ways to Wear a Pocket Square

When putting on a suit to head out for a fancy event, ethnic occasion or business dinner, the whole does not quite fit right without a pocket square. A pocket square, essentially a square piece of fabric meant to be placed in the pocket with the edge peeking out is both a visually and practically appealing element. The current availability of multiple patterns, colours, etc. opens up a plethora of options for exciting looks to try.

However, another fun thing about a pocket square is that it can be styled in many ways. Here are five extremely dashing options you should try:

  1. The One Point Fold: Starting off with the classic and easiest option, you can begin by folding your pocket square into a half and then half again till you have a small square. Now, place it in front of you slightly turned so it looks the shape of a diamond. Fold both the outer corners of the diamond towards the centre to fold a cone shape with a triangle peeking out at the top. Fold the bottom part of the cone upward and place this folded one-point pocket square inside your pocket.
  1. The Scallop Fold: As the name suggests, this pocket square fold features a couple of layers, similar to scallops. This is a fancy fold that you can start by placing your pocket square open in a diamond shape. Now, fold one edge diagonally to form a triangle and repeat with the other edge to get a smaller triangle. Place this creation in an upside-down triangle shape and bring one corner down diagonally and repeat with the other so you have a small triangle peeking out underneath. Fold the left and right edges inward and put the square in your pocket with the folded side upwards.
  1. The Four Point Fold: Also known as the Cagney fold, you can start by folding your pocket square in half with the edges slightly misaligned to form two corners. Fold one of the triangular edges upwards to add a third corner to this duo and repeat the same with the other edge for a fourth peek. Now, fold the remaining fabric towards the centre for a cone shape and pop the four peeks into your pocket.
  1. The Bouquet Fold: Simple yet quite stylish, the bouquet fold is easy to accomplish. Begin by smoothing out your pocket square and then pleating the entirety at least eight times till you have a thin strip of pleated fabric. Now, fold this in half with the edges pointed upwards. Leave some space on top and pinch the pocket square together before inserting it in your pocket and giving it a light fluff for the bouquet look.
  1. The Split Diamond Fold: This pocket square fold looks quite similar to the one point but with extra details. Start by folding the fabric in half and repeating once more. Fold the diamond shape in half to get a triangle with the point upwards. Bring both the edges of the triangle towards the centre for the split diamond look and insert it in your pocket.

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