What are some good tips and tricks to travel cheap?

This summer season you don’t need to spend your whole salary on your vacation trip. Yes, you heard it right, it is possible, you can always travel on a budget! In fact, if you are planning to visit multiple cities in a single vacation period, then you should always travel cheap. To make the process easy for you, here are a few tips and tricks which you can use for your next vacation trip.

1. Do You Have A Budget Plan?

The first step of travelling cheap is a flexible budget plan. You need to have a rough budget in your hand. You must know how much money you will need in every city! Don’t forget you are travelling on a budget, you surely don’t want to exceed the budgeted figure! Try to avoid unexpected spending. Do not book last moment flights because it will eventually cost you more. Similarly, avoid costly hotels and extremely fancy restaurants.

2. Look For Affordable Accommodation!

When travelling on a budget, you should always go for affordable and comfortable accommodation! Homestays, Airbnb and dorm rooms should always be on your plan list! These are surely cheaper than fancy hotels. If you want, you can also share a room, it will automatically decrease your accommodation expenses! Moreover, you can always ask the owners for guidance. They will surely tell you more about the city. Use them as your tour guide, don’t forget to ask them about great side seeing spots! You can also look for communal bunk rooms. If you are travelling solo, then this can be a great opportunity for you, through communal bunk rooms, you can easily make new friends. You won’t feel lonely anymore. Moreover, you can always learn new things from new people!

3. Book Your Tickets In Advance

If you want to travel cheap, then you should always pre-book your tickets. Last moment tickets are always costly. Even if you plan to take a flight back home, you should always book your tickets in advance. Nowadays, flight and train tickets can be easily booked in advance. Moreover, don’t forget to check on the refund policies. Remember, you don’t want to waste your money. Even if you don’t go on your vacation trip, then you can always get your money back.

4. Use Public Transport!

Uber and cab rides are usually costly! Most of the time, they charge extra from the tourists. If you want to explore the city, then you should always look for cheaper transport systems. Make the most of public transport. A bus or train ride will surely not hurt your wallet. Nowadays, we even have comfortable buses and trains available. Moreover, when you are travelling by road, you can always enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.

5. Try Local Delicacies!

If you want to get the true taste of culture, then you should always look out for local eateries! Try out the best dish on their menu. If you are a heart-core foodie, then you can always have a little conversation with the restaurant owners. They will surely tell you more about the local cuisine of the city. You can also opt for tasty lunch boxes. These are easily available in giant supermarkets and fresh food markets. A very important part of travelling is food. Don’t forget to try out the local delicacies of the city.

If you love travelling, then you should always travel on a budget! Travel cheap and capture priceless moments. If you travel on a budgeted figure, then you automatically avoid unnecessary spending! Moreover, when you travel cheap, you also learn the true importance of money!



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