7 Reasons To Add Kerala To Your Honeymoon Wishlist

The perfect canvas of Mother Nature— Kerala or “God’s Own Country”— is truly ecotourism heaven. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that this tourism paradise is on top of their bucket list! Tucked away between the pristine Western Ghats and the charm of the Arabian Sea, Kerala is truly a treat for your senses.

The tranquil backwaters, exotic locales, and well-preserved tropical beauty of this southern state attract many travelers from across the world. In fact, Kerala ranks as the seventh most visited state in India for tourism. Apart from its picturesque beauty, Kerala is also known for its diverse traditions, elaborate architecture, and exotic wildlife. It also houses major cultural hubs, brings a variety of delicacies to the table, and offers fun adventurous activities that you can enjoy with your partner.

Kerala’s serene beauty, charm, and appeal make it a perfect paradise for couples. What’s more? It offers a number of romantic experiences that will make your dream holiday with your significant other even more memorable! Don’t believe us? Scroll down to know more about how you can make your escapade to Kerala unforgettable!

1. Romantic Ride On The Backwaters

Want to spend some time with your beloved, in the lap of serenity and away from the bustling city? The backwaters of Kerala will provide you with the ultimate romantic escape. The network of gleaming waterways is a popular attraction among tourists for its breathtaking and irresistible beauty. You can also choose to stay in a houseboat that provides the best of comfort and luxuries while you sail along the labyrinth of canals. In addition to posh bedrooms and baths, these houseboats come well-equipped with personal chefs, jacuzzis, and cosy lounge areas.

2. The Hills Usher In Love And Romance

Although there is no dearth of hill stations in India that visitors adore, the hills of Kerala possess an irresistible appeal and charm. Blanketed with lush greenery, alluring waterfalls, and acres of tea and coffee plantations, the hill stations here will provide a heavenly ambience for your honeymoon. The adventure lovers can also opt to go trekking around Munnar and the Anamudi Peak. You can also explore Wayanad— another popular hill station known for its breathtaking forests and beautiful climate.

3. Try Authentic Kerala Food

Kerala is home to many indigenous spices. Its dishes are known for their unique flavors and preparation methods, and are enjoyed by people from across the globe. Yes, the different spices and condiments could make your taste buds go berserk! You can also visit the local spice market and stock up on hot spices to take back home.

When in Kerala, try an authentic Keralite lunch, served hot on a banana leaf. Some of the other popular dishes in Kerala are idiyappam, puttu, payasam, Alleppey fish curry, and duck mappas.

4. Visit The Golden Beaches

It would be nothing less than a sin if you don’t visit the golden beaches of Kerala while you are there. Head over to the beautiful beaches carpeted with white sands and clear blue water. Enjoy some tranquil moments with your loved one and walk hand in hand as the warm waves roll over your feet. For those adventurous couples, you can indulge in exciting activities like kayaking and parasailing, and make memories worth a lifetime! 

5. Explore The Exotic Wildlife Sanctuaries

Are you and your partner a wildlife lover? If yes, then the wildlife sanctuary in Periyar could be your perfect chance to witness the endless range of wildlife and the beauty of the forests. Chance upon the Nilgiri Tahrs and the wild elephants, and if it’s your lucky day, then you might even catch a glimpse of the tigers. You can also visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and the Silent Valley to catch sight of exotic species of birds, the diverse flora and fauna, and simply relax in nature’s arms.

6. Experience The Culture

Let your visit not just be about the beaches and hills but also about enriching cultural experiences. The extremely rich and diverse culture is one of the many reasons to fall in love with this place. Visit temples, arts centres and enjoy the traditional dance performances. Converse with locals to catch up on folktales and learn more about the culture.

7. Go For A Relaxing Ayurvedic Couple’s Spa

After long and tiring wedding festivities, the best way to pamper yourselves in Kerala is to visit an Ayurvedic spa. Add comfort to your vacation and book a relaxing couple spa to detoxify your body and feel rejuvenated.

Kerala has emerged as one of the popular tourist destinations for travelers looking to satiate their wanderlust amidst the pandemic. Most of the tourist places in Kerala are now open to the public. There are strict safety protocols that tourists have to abide by to ensure everyone’s safety. With its captivating views and unparalleled beauty, Kerala provides a sense of love and romance all year round. When in Kerala, keep your camera ready, but don’t forget to use your eyes as a lens to capture the heavenly beauty. Plan a magical honeymoon in Kerala today!



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