What to do When Your SEO Isn’t Working

In a single night the SEO can’t benefit you. Business owners are interested in getting the outcome quickly in this fast-paced world. You will always want your site on the SERPs’ first page. What are the ways to check if in the meantime, the SEO is working or not? Within a few seconds you can lose hard work that you have done for SEO. Now for your SEO, a number of things may not be right. I am going to tell you some SEO issues and how to fix them.

1. The traffic containing spam – Some sites send a large amount of traffic even if they have nothing to do with your site. The reports of Google Analytics will show the spam traffic in spite of Google being smarter. An immediate bouncing back of the referred visitors can be noticed. That referral traffic is spam. This icky traffic can be sent to you by spammy looking domains as well as by a high authority website. What are the ways to check if spammy traffic is sent to you by a site? You will not take interest in bringing spammy traffic to your site as these are not the users who visit your site. These visitors are not real in a maximum number of cases. They are the spam webmaster tool’s bots. They usually visit your website and then bounce back.

There are two methods of solving the problem of spam referral traffic:

  • By blocking the known bots
  • By blocking those referring domains that are spammy

2. The content that is duplicated – Is it true that for duplicate content Google penalizes you? No. The information about the duplicate content to be present on the internet is known to Google. Usually a site is not penalized if it publishes the duplicate content. If for improving the search engine rankings it publishes the duplicate content then it is penalized by Google.

There are three methods of solving the problem of duplicate content:

  • By marking your preferred URL
  • By using Rel=canonical tag
  • By using Noindex tag

3. The schema is improper – Delivering rich snippets is possible for Google with the help of schema markup. Rich snippets are shown by a large number of SERPs because of the spamming of the schema markup. It will be called spam if the landing page gets ranking by applying a schema.

There are three methods of solving the problem of improper schema:

  • Follow the guidelines of structured data implementation by Google
  • Use the tool of structured data testing for running your code
  • Use Google search console for looking at the issues

4. The traffic dips suddenly – We will not call it a problem basically if the traffic dips. Sometimes during the summer or on the weekends a slow traffic can be noticed by you. Normally steep dips are observed. After looking at the traffic report of Google Analytics, the dramatic lows of such type need to be spotted by you. The last few months’ or weeks’ data needs to be compared with your data, only then you can reach a decision whether it is an expected dip or not. There is a possibility of finding a pattern by you. Now in such a situation the possible causes have to be investigated by you.

There are various steps for inspecting the low traffic instances that happen suddenly:

  • Check if a penalty has been imposed by Google on your site
  • Always remember to include script of Google Analytics in your web design template or your theme if you have changed these
  • If there is a change in the default structure of URL then it needs to be checked by you
  • There can be a loss in traffic if 301s are mis-configured or not set up
  • Check whether the hackers have hacked your website
  • There are chances of negative SEO in your site if no reality is found in the above-mentioned steps

Just stay alert so as to protect yourself from negative SEO. It will be good if from Google Webmasters you are getting the alert notifications. See clearly if there are quality backlinks and track mentions of your social media.

If you want to have a powerful online presence of your business then it will be good for you to take help from digital marketing experts.



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