Bhigwan | A birder’s Paradise in India

Bhigwan | A birder’s Paradise in India


Birding is the craziest thing I can ever opt for. The amount of patience and quietness it takes I have none in my blood. I am more of an adventure freak, who loves to jump in the ocean even when she knows that she can’t swim I love to go on hights even when I have hydrophobia. So I keep challenging myself each day when it comes to travelling. Adventure is more of my kind of thing. birding has been my grandfather’s passion. He would tell me to keep quiet it’s time he would go for a trip while I would possibly not keep quiet more than 5 seconds. So it has been a challenging journey for my grandfather to take me places in terms of birds.

But if you are one of them who love birds this blog is going to give you some awesome memorable journey to make in the future.
So all the boarding friends out there here is a trip only for you guys.
this place is located in Maharashtra it’s a bird sanctuary especially migratory birds. this is one of the prime locations in India. It is also known as heaven on Earth for migratory birds. The great Majestic flamingos the sweeping Sea Gulls, Delicate Water walkers Stilts.



The cunning sweeping raptors and eagles and many more trust me I don’t know most of the bird’s name. I would just be like a pretty Bird everywhere.
It was one of the best thing possible that had happened to me when I went to this place, I got to see flamingos. I always wanted to see flamingos they look so great. What is the incredible bird that I could come across in my life?

So whether if you are in Mumbai or in Pune or anywhere in Maharashtra it is very easy to locate this place.

Bhigwan is about 110 km west of Pune, start your journey as early as possible because as they say “the early bird catches the worm”. Even the sunrise is really amazing for you to capture.

We took the trip from Pune to be started at 4:30 am in a car via Solapur highway. The highway was pretty clean and well maintained so it was a pleasant morning ride. you also have to pay a toll of 20 rupees at the Hadapsar Toll Naka and then it’s a straight long drive to say about 3 hours.
Bhigwan Town is actually located in a village called Kumbhargaon just on the shores of Backwaters of Ujaini Dam.
You will get a number of villages fisherman who will guide you and help you to take as close as possible to was the Birds. It has been A Remarkable moment for me when I saw thousands of birds just flying and making at home for themselves.
The best time to visit is between November and February sometimes this can extend up to the end of March.
We sat on the boats and started our journey towards bird watching.

The lake is not very deep it’s about 3 feet as per what the villagers had to say. I spotted flamingos and they were so happy in the shallow water surface as they could waddle and paddle and saddle for their shrimps.
It was one of the overwhelming experience where I got to witness so many migratory birds coming from different places different states and continents. some of them fly from China Australia and much more. China The Bar-Headed Geese, Flamingos from Australia, the Grey Headed Sea Gulls, The Stilts, beautiful Painted Storks, Open-billed storks, The majestic Herons.

You really have to visit to understand the beauty of this place. The sight was truly magical.

Even when I lack patience in life, this place shall I be taught me a lot of patience. I cancel picture the sight very vividly in my memory. It’s a must visit if you are in the state of Maharashtra didn’t yourself in nature be refreshed and rejuvenated.

Have a happy birding.



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