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Hope you all are doing well. I have finally started this long-awaited “Food Series India.” We all love food and India is known for its lips smacking delicious cuisine all around. So I have got in touch with food bloggers, locals who can help me out making this series a successful one. When I mentioned all that I ate in Coimbatore a lot of you tried those exact same places and told me how it has helped to narrow down good places to eat, gave birth to this idea of Food Series India.

So here is a cumulated food blog by Happily foodies covering places like Dharamshala, Kasol, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad.





Tibet Kitchen: At the heart of McLeod Ganj is the Tibet kitchen, which is easily located. As the name suggests, this place serves authentic Tibetan delicacies. The place is the perfect place to have a hearty meal on a chilly day. Winter would be the best season to enjoy the food but given the temperature in Dharamshala is quite moderate during summer as well, this restaurant can be an all-time favourite.

Dishes to try: Prok Momos, Mixed thukpa, chilli pork and Lemon ginger honey.

Cost for 3- INR 750-800.

Carpe Diem: When it comes to breakfast, nothing can beat those Himachali all-day breakfasts. This is another place with its mesmerizing view of the Dhauladhar range. This café apart from its killer view and yummy food has a small book depository of its own, where all the travellers from all over the world donate a book which they had been reading. So, this place is a perfect place for a long and lazy brunch.

Dishes to try- Pancakes, breakfast menu, pizza.

Cost for 3: INR 1200.


Kasol is often called “mini Israel”, hence the food in kasol is essentially derived from Israeli origin. Kasol is situated in Parvati Valley, on the banks of the Parvati River, Kasol is a striking tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh with numerous Israeli tourists and Hebrew cafes all around. Kasol is also known as ‘Little Amsterdam’ as it is flanked by hippies from everywhere. The food in kasol is one of the biggest attractions. The cafes are mostly owned and run by Israeli people; hence one can expect a twist in the food. All the cafes are unique in its own way, some offer an enthralling view of the snowcapped mountain whereas some offers a calm riverside view where your only companion is the rejuvenating river Parvati.

Ever green Café – As I mentioned earlier, kasol is a very small valley, hence the cafes are easily traceable. EverGreen café is one of the best cafes in kasol, which not only offers a wide range of food including Israeli food, but also an enchanting view of the snowcapped mountain range.

Dishes to try: crepes, pancakes, breakfast, Israeli food, fruit custard.

Cost for 2: INR 600-700/-.

Moon Dance Café: Another café at the heart of the village is the moon dance café, an ideal place to chill and unwind for hours and enjoy the plethora of that this place has to offer. This place has an in house bakery which offers some amazing brownies which are a big miss if not tried.

Dishes to try: crepes, Lemon Grilled chicken, chicken in hummus, pancakes, waffles, crepes etc.

Cost for two: INR 1000 for.


Peter Cat: Maybe the new Kolkata is flourishing with many new restaurants and pubs but this heritage eatery has this old restaurant has its own charm. As they say “old is gold”, Peter Cat is one such oldest restaurant in Calcutta at the hear of the famous Park Street. It has successfully continued its heritage over the decades. This restaurant is like a loyal bonding with Calcutta. Peter Cat is one such restaurant which has witnessed the conversion of Calcutta to Kolkata. So, any visit to Calcutta is miss without having the “Peter Cat Famous Chelo Kebab”

Must try Food: Peter Cat is well known for its Chelo Kebab, hence that is the must-try food here and Sizzlers.

Cost for two: 1200 INR without alcohol.

Oly Pub: Talking about Calcutta and not mentioning the great old “Oly Pub” is a complete injustice.  Oly pub was started as “Olympia Bar and Restaurant in 1947” but the sane was reborn as Oly Pub in 1981, is lovingly called just Oly by some. The jolly old Oly is not only a pub but a heritage also. This place attracts people of all ages starting from the college goers, devoted “Office Para” (the office lane) crowd to its dedicated bunch of daily customers who do not miss a single day visiting this place. Famous for its beef steak and Chicken Ala Kiev, Oly pub is foodie’s paradise and a cheap booze shelter for many. This place is not fancy at all yet the place has its own charm.

Must try dishes: Beef steak and Chicken Ala Kiev.

Cost for two: 1200 INR (Including drinks).


Chianti: Though this place is on the expensive side of the pocket, but really does not matter when you get such deliciously amazing food and fine dining experience. The Price is well justified considering the quality and the quantity of the food and of course the unique taste which I believe is the USP of this place. The food is one of the best tasting food experiences in Bangalore, Italian by genre. The Ambience is good and classy but not something exorbitant.  The food offered by this place is a captivating experience by itself. The menu shall take you to a real food trip. This place is located in the food paradise of Bangalore- Koramangala.

Must Try Food: Petto D’ Anatra Arrosto meaning (ROASTED DUCK) – One of their signature dishes. The Roasted duck is served in cut pieces dipped in orange sauce. Ah! The taste cannot be pinned down, it is only meant to be felt. The taste is heavenly with that dip in the orange sauce and not to be missed that red coloured berry sauce. The berry sauce is nothing less to give you food- gasm. The duck is soft, well cooked, tangy in taste with an orangish rich aroma. The dish is served with veggies and mushroom risotto.

Calamary rigns- Crispy, light, tasty. A perfect started to satisfy the taste bud yet not too filling to kill your appetite for the main course.

Costoletta Di Maiale (PORK RIBS)- Pork is always pure love for me. The pork was tender, soft, perfectly cooked. Served two normal pieces, with veggies and mashed potato topped with a beacon. The taste is quite soulful to enhance your love for the pork.  

Cost for Two: INR 1500 approx. without alcohol.

Hanoi: This restaurant is named after the capital of Vietnam ” Hanoi” and does a complete justification to the Vietnamese Cuisine. The food is very tasty, yet quite subtle. The ambience is not something dramatic but yet intricately designed to depict a local Vietnamese restaurant. The Service is fast and the staffs are quite friendly. Overall its a complete feast to the tummy and the soul. The food served here is hearty and soulful.
Must Try Food: Cha ca ( sizzling Fish)- 5 pieces of fishes served as sizzler.

Suon Ran Chua Cay ( Pork Ribs)- 3 pieces of pork ribs served, the pork ribs dipped in hot and sour sauce and deep fried.

Beef PHO (MUST TRY)- ” PHO” being the national food of Vietnam is a must try here. It is subtle yet rich in taste. The taste of five spice is a show stealer here. Its kind of soupy noddle, flat noodle being used, mixed in Five spice with chunks of beef. (enough for a meal)

Mix Xao Gion ( Crispy noodle with Stir-Fried Sauce/ pork)- The taste of this noodle is very different distinct. The crispy noodle is served with stir fry sauce with meat of your choice or seafood, the sauce is amazingly tasty without making it too saucy and sticky. The taste is a mix of tangy yet spicy.


Cost for Two: INR 1500.

Kanua: Kanua, a boutique restaurant at the corner of the sarjapur road is surely a treat to the taste buds.
The food here is a delight. This place is a haven for seafood lovers and especially the non-vegan hunters. The ambience is subtle yet nice and quite huge with courteous service. The place might appear simple but surely the food here is extraordinary.

Must try food: Rawa prawns- pure heaven it is. Crispy, crunchy yet soft. The prawns are cooked perfectly served with two dips to enhance the taste bud. The quantity is good enough to serve 3 people.
Chicken Ghee roast – The tender chicken fried in ghee with a mix of the konkonese spice is absolutely a mesmerizing delightful experience. The taste of this dish cannot be well defined in words unless tried. This chicken Ghee roast I believe is not just a dish but an emotional indulgence.

The best combination with the chicken Ghee roast is ghee rice.

Cost for two: INR 2000


Pakwaan Grand: Ramadan, as they call it “the month of giving” .. indeed.. Hyderabad offers some best of the foods during this month. If you are in Hyderabad, you can by no means miss the HALEEM which the city has to offer during this month. The Mashad Haleem tops the list. It is one of its kind. The lip-smacking haleem is overloaded with dry fruits giving an enchanting taste in every bite .. Hence the mashed haleem here is a must try. As Eid is nearing, visiting this city during this time is every foodie’s dream, hence talking about Haleem, the seasonal food in Hyderabad is must mention here.

The cost is very reasonable.

Must try food: Haleem (one haleem is enough to serve 2 people)

Cost for 2: 170-200 INR

Olive Bistro: Classy, Sophisticated, Elegant, Magnificent, Angelic are the least terms that can define “Olive Bistro”. Olive is surely one of the statuesque food lounges in Hyderabad. Maybe lounge would certainly not be the correct word to be used for Olive, it can be better defined as fine dining eateries in Hyderabad, located on the bank of Durgam cheruvu ( a lake), Jubilee Hills. On one hand, olive can be the ideal place for a candlelight dinner on your special days with your loved ones, on the other side this can surely be the place for a classy, delightful hangout with your bunch of buddies. Olive also offers a laid back Sunday sundowner where you can just sit back and relax looking at the beautiful view that it has to offer, enjoying your drink and some real lip-smacking food.

The ambience of this place is in true sense dreamy, with all the distressed décor and furniture. This chophouse offers some ravishing Glazed Pork Ribs. By far the glazed pork in Olive is the best pork ribs I have had. Being a pork lover, I have tried pork in various places but none could replace the Glazed pork Ribs offered by Olive. The pork is served in two pieces, cooked to perfection, soft, melt in your mouth, the glazed honey can be felt in every bite of it, giving it a little tangy taste, the pieces of pineapple sprinkled on top of the dish is heavenly, it’s like a hide and seek game of pork and pineapple inside your mouth. As I have rightly mentioned about the location, ambience and aura of the place, this place is a classy paradise, hence going to olive may dig a hole in your pocket, but I believe in order to taste the best once in while that can be afforded. This place is a dream, so expect a dreamy, classy, elegant crowd.

Must try food: Glazed Pork Ribs.

Cost for 2: INR 2000

Mandi @ 36: Mandi (is a traditional dish originated from Hadhramaut, Yemen, consisting mainly of meat and rice with a special blend of spices. It is cooked in a pit underground. It’s extremely popular and prevalent in most areas of the Arabian Peninsula, and even considered a staple dish in many regions. It’s also found in Egypt, the Levant, and Turkey. It is also popular among the Hadhrami people in the Malabar region of Kerala, Bhatkal of Karnataka, as well as Barkas and areas around Hyderabad, India. This dish is meant to be eaten together in a gigantic dish. One Mandi is good to serve 4 people.

Hyderabad offers some of India’s best available Mandi, hence giving this dish while in Hyderabad is a must.

The Chicken Faham mandi and the fried chicken mandi, both are unique in its own way. The chicken is always soft and very juicy. The rice is too yum served with 3 types of chutney. The tomato chutney is my always favourite. The pieces of chicken are huge. One full mandi can happily serve 4 hungry souls with 4 pieces of huge chicken.

Must Try: Chicken Fried Mandi.

Cost for 2: 600 INR.

About them:

They are a blogger couple hailing from the city of joy ( Calcutta), presently residing at Hyderabad and Bangalore. Socially they are known us Happily foodies (

Soon after marriage, they both released that their immense love for food is a constant factor in the marriage which if nurtured can grow and emerge. They happily believe that “Food is the ingredient that binds us together”. Hence they started Happily Foodies. As a couple, they love to travel and explore various cuisine and culture. They love to explore various new eateries in the city they reside in.



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