Binge-watching only on Zee 5 | Krishnakoli – A very popular serial from Zee Bangla

Hi how are you all doing? Since the lock down has lifted but I am still working from home like many of you I am once again suggesting another serial that I have been binge-watching only on Zee 5. I had often seen my mum binge-watch serial from Zee Bangla but television was never my thing until now that I started watching these serials rather I should put it as I binge-watch these serial on the OTT platforms. Krishnakoli has been a very popular soap in Bengali television which was aired in 2018.

So when I told my mum that she wanted to watch the serial all over again so we started watching it together somehow I got hooked to it as the start was extremely realistic.

Stars Tiyasha Roy Shayama, a dusky girl who is in the lead role as the story revolves around her life and Neel Bhattacharya as her husband. Produced by Sushant Das The story builds around Shayama who is the very normal everyday girl doing her everyday thing. She is very passionate about dancing and singing and wants to pursue her passion.

But the major setback is about her complexion; she was dusky And also that she wasn’t from a very well-to-do family. It did not go personally as she believed that her complexion is similar to Lord Krishna’s complexion but the society and people around her did not think the same. Irrespective of all of these she gets married And that’s when the problem starts. She faces many obstacles and challenges.

I can relate to this serial as we all have faced discrimination in our life and we are still fighting against the discrimination each day. As an audience, There is a lot to learn from the lead character. The storyline is pretty captivating and it keeps you hooked. It also shows a beautiful love story As when Her husband fell in love with her he did not see her in person rather he fell in love with her pe did not see her in person rather she fell in love with her personal personality and the way she sings. ironically he was also scared of the dark and in reality, he fell in love with somebody who was dark skin. it’s beautiful to see how love can happen at any time with anybody in the most unexpected way this serial also depicts the same where two people support each other and try to have each other’s back in every circumstance of life.

As I unfold what happens next along with my mum I hope you will also start watching this serial.

Catch the episodes of Krishnakoli on ZEE5 now. If you haven’t Subscribe to ZEE5 channel yet, you should. As you can access much interesting content not only that the entire ZEE5 content can be seen on multiple devices as many as five different screens simultaneously. so you and your family can watch it from anywhere, anything that you want to watch on Zee 5. So subscribe today and start watching it. Enjoy

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