How to style during this pandemic!

Consequences of the pandemic on daily life.
As it can be said that ‘Future is always uncertain’ i.e no one knows what their future holds for them. So, no one ever thought that life took this humongous turn and due to this pandemic. We have to improvise with the pandemic situation and make changes with it as it was also the
need of the hour. Previously, we loved to go to an outing on weekends or on other days as well and explore new things, take pleasure in meeting with other people, or just hanging out with friends and families but now this moment only becomes a fancy nostalgia for us. That was the
curse of this pandemic. It forces us to maintain hygiene per se by maintaining social distance, always wear a mask and also to stay at our home if we want our self to be safe from this pandemic.

How to step up in this pandemic in the domain of fashion.

Numerous changes can be witnessed after the outbreak of the pandemic. Layoffs and shutdown are taking over in the manufacturing industry and the fashion industry is nomexception. Also, people who are forced to maintain hygiene are nowadays and also to say in the future are feeling hesitant about buying new clothes both through online and physical mode.
So, what they do is to be very selective in buying clothes and also to use their old clothes for a long haul. So, it is of the utmost requirement to make changes to this changed situation. What you can do is to perform the process of restructuring in your existing wardrobe by developing
new methods of using your old dress. Some of the easy styling tips are- to use your skirt as a tube top, use your check shirt as a skirt, try to make a top with your Kurti, style your bag with the scarf. Apart from that, you can also develop your own combination accordingly as per your

How you can style yourself during this pandemic.
Now, we have to maintain ourselves fashionably with some of the quintessential things like masks and old clothes, to name a few. Some of the styling tips which you can follow: –

  • Comfort clothing: First and foremost, as life is not so easy during this pandemic. So, you have to let go of your flashy and baggy clothes and to depends only on decent and comfortable clothes like loose pants, simple tee, shorts and spaghetti top. in which you can be comfortable and in the same breadth maintain decency.
  • Mask movement: After the pandemic outbreak, masks are a must for every human because it reduces the chances of getting infected with the pandemic virus. So, many countries and states are favouring the policy of wearing a mask- a necessary condition. What you can do is using various styles of masks with your plain dress or simple dress or your printed clothes, like floral ones. You can also make your scarf as a substitute for masks which proves to be a sort of innovation in the existing fashion.
  • Fancy footwears- Fancy in essence doesn’t mean flashy, fragile, or uncomfortable but what it literally means is to wear comfortable footwear like T-strap sandals, mules, open-toe sandals, basic flats as comfortability cannot be sacrificed at the expense of fashion.

Some important colour combination to go for during this summertime:
Lavender- It was highly suggested because of a well-known myth merged with it that- It gives you confidence. Instead of that, it also has an added advantage to gets merged with almost
every colour and make the combination alluring.
Pineapple- Advantages emerged with this colour is that- it makes you feel jollier and also, fits well with common colours like white, pink or blue which are always available in the wardrobe of a fashionable freak.
Sea green- One of the best colours to look out for especially during the summer season and also to feel more natural as this colour ultimately gives you good and positive vibes.
Baby blue- Can also be termed as young, fresh and playful. This colour will be able to give you positive vibes.
Dusty rose- The USP of this colour is that it works well with all types of complexion whether it’s warm undertone or cool undertone.

Curated by – Gargi Nagariya. She is a Fashion freak. She is into styling and influencing everything in regards to fashion. Follow her on Instagram – hooked_by_fusion to know more. Till then keep it fashionable, keep it stylish.



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  1. So much thought went into this article when my pandemic style has been tees and sweats. I’ll definitely have to step my game up.

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