Quarantine Special Story – From Mumbai stuck in Africa the land of Coco GHANA

I am From Mumbai (Maharashtra), I would not say not that I am stuck but I came here for work In the Western part of Africa the land of Coco GHANA. Super excited when this happened, Covid19 seemed it didn’t exist. So, I was looking forward to greater days. It was on the 13th of March when I landed at this place for the first time. The first few days were going smooth but then slowly it was difficult to survive because of the Covid-19. The very next week after I landed here the entire city was on lockdown. Mentally I and my colleagues were torn down, we were very much scared to know how badly the virus affected everything around us.

Thanks to my chef he took proper care of me, even my boss helped me out to get settled in an unknown country that I was in. Staying in the room with limited stuff was difficult. Not just that but staying away from family and friends is difficult but in a situation like this, it was heartbreaking. I didn’t know how to cope up with it. Everyone was in shock and got scared for me as to what will happen next while my heart ached for my family back at in Mumbai. I would watch the news and come to know how things have been around the globe and it scared me more. Our entire world kind off stood still who thought a day like this would show up in a century like we are in. 

As being India the major that we face where ever we go is food. But somehow I manage to eat stomach filling. As there was no other option. We miss dal and rice. We decided to cook simple Indian food while we were in quarantine. We even managed to get groceries but we had to pay a huge amount for the same. 
As working for the hospitality industry. During the lockdown, we started giving food to needy people. We didn’t want anyone to stay hungry. We tried our best for a few weeks, but it was difficult. It was strenuous to complete 1000 food boxes daily keeping hygiene as the uttermost priority. I and my team would work almost the whole night for weeks to complete 10,000 boxes of food warm and fresh every single day without fail.

It has been a very different experience. I am not yet home, I don’t think I will come back anytime soon. I will continue working hope things will change soon.
At this point in time, I cant express the good and the bad memories during this period. We all are taking one day at a time as everything seem so new and we have to adapt to this. So I am also trying to adapt this let us all wait and watch what this COVID 19 has more up its sleeve.
For now, I am just praying that this virus manages to vanish magically or we find an antidote for it an endless number of people are suffering. It isn’t a very pleasant sight to see.

We all hope for the best. I hope you are enjoying reading this. If you have a similar story to share write it to me. I would be happy to give it a read.



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  1. Hey there, my prayers are with you. I commend you for continuing to practice resilience and remain hopeful during times of uncertainty. I couldn’t even imagine what it must be like to be away from home and your family.

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