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Everyone likes to get away, a getaway which is not too far. But somewhere easily accessible and relaxing. So I took off from work, even when I came for a holiday to Kolkata I was still working. If you are following me on Instagram you will know that I was drowning with too many shoots. Not complaining as I love my life. It was a very short one an overnight stay at Digha. Digha is just 3 hours away from Kolkata by train. It is a very common weekend getaway for Bengalis all around West Bengal.


I took an early morning train which was about 6:30 am. Cost me about 190 rupees for a reservation compartment. I was pretty happy, by 10:05 am I reach Digha. The hotel is situated in old Digha so I had to take a rickshaw from the station which cost me a hundred rupees. When I saw the hotel the first look said that it is a beautiful well spread out hotel. Which has more than a hundred rooms. I was already allotted a sea facing room as most of the sea facing rooms were occupied by guests. I understood this hotel is pretty packed all the time.


My room was on the second floor in the main building and as I entered it I found it to be neat and clean. The bathroom and everything were so well maintained. I rushed to the balcony and I saw the breathtaking view of the amazing blue sky and the sea along with a series of coconut trees and a garden.


This felt like home it had everything that you probably need to relax.

By the time I freshened up and got everything together to head out and take pictures, I was super hungry. I rushed to the restaurant, which is just near the entrance of the hotel. The restaurant doesn’t look very fancy but the food was just amazing. This is all that I ate basmati rice, dal, aloo posto and prawn curry.

Oh, the food was just delicious. I could barely move after stuffing myself.


I wanted to sit near the beach and smell the sea, just relax for sometime. The best part of this hotel is that they have a gate in the back that leads you to the beach and in less than 5mins you’ll be on the beach. The back gate is open till 6:00 pm in the evening and while you are walking towards the back gate from the main building you will cross a small temple, cottages, garden which simply add to the beauty of the place. In the hotel property, most of the rooms are overlooking the sea which is a really good thing.


After spending about 40 minutes near the seashore I went back to my room and took a nice nap which was very very comfortable.nI woke up during the sunset and went to the garden. It’s great to lie down on the green grass and look at the sky, at the leaves of the coconut tree. The breath of fresh air was just so rejuvenating.



I went for a stroll in the evening on the path along the sea and saw that other new developments have taken place, benches where people can sit, all the shops have been put together the pathway is beautifully decorated with street lights and dustbins and parks for children’s to play in. It was a wonderful sight to see the developments that are taking place in West Bengal. Within 150m from the hotel, they were a WOW momo and Barista outlets. I went to grab myself a plate of momos and a coffee. Strolled through the souvenir shops on my way back to the hotel.

I didn’t have to go back to the beach once again in the evening or later in the night because I could sit in my veranda and see the sea which was a great feeling. I sat in my pyjamas read a book and listened to some nice music and just watched the moonshine and the sea waves crashing on the beach.


I ordered some nice coffee because I am a coffee addict and salad, roti and chicken kosha. I stuffed myself once again the food was really good, later I found out that Sea Hawk is the oldest hotel in Digha which was really a good fact because till now it has been so well maintained and the originality of the hotel has been kept alive. After a good night sleep, I ordered some breakfast, toast and egg and I instructed them how to make the egg my instruction was followed and it was made according to my taste which is something I really appreciate.


By afternoon it was time for me to head back. I just went around the hotel went all around the seashore to capture some memories to take back with me.


If I was staying longer I would have loved to go to Mandarmani, Tajpur and other nearby places. Cars are easily available just outside the hotel to visit such places. In case you want to go around Digha you can also hire a rickshaw. I didn’t want to do extensive travelling so I just walked around here and there, I saw some fishing boats in the afternoon. Visitors were also buying fishes from the local fisherman. Oh yeah really enjoyed the whole hustle-bustle.

I came back took a shower, ordered some more good food and rested a while before checking out.

The weather was excellent, it wasn’t too warm. I really loved the weather, I had an hour before I would head out to catch my train back to Kolkata, I preferred sitting in the balcony and sip onto my cup of coffee. I was definitely rejuvenated staying at Hotel Sea Hawk Digha. I personally never thought that Digha would give me such an experience but surely it was one of the best experiences that I have in West Bengal till date. I took a rickshaw back to the station I should really mention the station is so clean and so well maintain that I was happy to see such an initiative taken by the people. I got some snacks to munch on from the station and headed towards the train that took me back to Kolkata.

Lots of memories and a time to myself is something that I was looking forward to and I think it was the perfect getaway I could really ask for. I would definitely recommend the Hotel Sea Hawk Digha. In terms of convenience room service food maintenance personally I think it was perfect. I did not find any flaws to pinpoint. I had a great time and I hope that you will have a great time too in hotel sea hawk Digha.


Here is a detail of Hotel Sea Hawk

AddressDigha Barrister Colony Road, Barrister Colony, Purba Medinipur, Digha, West Bengal 721428

Happy travelling forever and always

Much Love 



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