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Wah Taj!


I think we did crazy stuff in Taj. I was in Delhi and it was my first visit in 2017. I knew I wanted to make it to Taj by hook or crook. I was on work Travels in Delhi but my ultimate moto was to finish work as soon as possible and make a trip to Taj Mahal. Approximately 12 days I was in Delhi. I fell in love with Delhi.

It was me and my friend who planned to visit Agra no matter what the condition may be. It was in the month of August and Delhi was quite warm. We were told that Agra would be nice and warm. We finished work and booked our tickets. We didn’t know if we would be able to make it. Tired, Droopy and sleepy as we had long shoot days, We still manage to wake up at 5:00 a.m and head out to catch our train. Our hearts just said hey! you guys can do it.  I guess I believed in myself and my travel partner. Munched on some breakfast and once I sat on the train I don’t even remember anything till I reached our destination Agra station.
Felt fresh and rejuvenated, I was super excited. I wanted to see everything, but moreover, I wanted to see the Taj. The Taj Mahal, the iconic structure of love.
It was hot and I knew if the weather continued like that I wouldn’t be able to manage for long. We were also returning back to Delhi on the same day. Knew that it was going to be hectic but I was like bring it on.
Just outside the station, there were booking counters for taxis autos and other modes of transportation.
We book an auto for 6 hours and started our journey. The roads were so different and my heart was pumping really loud. While interacting with the auto driver, I saw the weather just changed and in no moment it was cloudy and beautiful. I suspected it was going to rain. and I love rain I don’t think I could ask for anything better and perfect.

We reached at about 8 o’clock near the gate and it was already crowded. I was excited and thrilled. I remember I was forgetting everything around me in excitement to see the Taj. I remember crying as well.



The huge door, pathway, garden and everything just kept adding up to the suspense.




As I entered the door, the door itself was so huge I was like “how huge is Taj gonna be”.
Kept walking. Oh, there it was!




The masterpiece 😍 I was in tears. I stood there and I cried. I never thought I would be able to make it. It was a magnificent, gigantic piece of beauty…

It was cloudy and we were thinking about how do we shoot, our clock was ticking. We knew that it will take us a good amount of time to go around. We kept moving forward, praying for no rain. we went over the museum, I strike some poses.


Got to know all about the building of Taj Mahal.



So after a nice tour around as soon as we entered Taj Mahal, it started raining.


As soon as we entered the main door of Taj Mahal, it started pouring heavily. While everyone ran inside to get some shelter. I stood out and enjoyed every drop of rainfall. Few people join me and it was amazing. It is unusual for a lot of unknown people to come together and just get drenched in rain. But I love rain I didn’t think twice to get wet. I didn’t think of any consequences, I knew this moment was never coming back into my life. I made the most out of it.

Walked around barefoot. Drenched in Taj Mahal. Unknown people became friends. My travel partner was jealous but he managed to pack all the equipment well so that it’s safe and he joined me. It rained for about 2 hours. We didn’t stop our journey rather we got some excellent empty view all around Taj. I even took a jumping shot for which I was chased by the guard.


Our next stop was Mehtab Bagh, it is one of the most beautiful well-kept gardens that I have ever seen it’s on the bank of river Yamuna you can also take a Boat Ride from this place it gives an excellent view of Taj Mahal and the two doors on the sides.


We got some lunch in a very local restaurant, the food wasn’t that excellent but it was worth eating.
We will skip the Agra Fort because it looked a lot like the Delhi Fort also known as the Red Fort.
We did go shopping the prices are really high in Agra whatever you want to buy because it’s a tourist destination. I bought a saree made out of bamboo Thread which was very interesting. Other than that everything is commonly found everywhere in India. You can definitely pick up a few miniature Taj Mahal as a gift or souvenir.
It’s been a year and a half that I have visited Taj Mahal, I never thought that I would be putting it down for my readers one day but I am glad I did as the memories are still so fresh in my heart. I could relive it all over again while writing this blog. It was truly an amazingly beautiful experience to cherish forever.

So if you are visiting India or if you are from India you should definitely visit Taj Mahal once in your life.


Much Love

Blast from the past!




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