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Experience a wide variety of international quality dry fruits, nuts, dates, chocolates, spices, honey, dried berries, seeds, grains and much more


As you must have understood from the Introduction, the shop offers the best quality products. Each of these is handpicked by the owner of the shop. Here is what he has to tell us about the foundation of The GREAT INDIAN Foods. It felt like he was giving me a corporate interview, the story is indeed very captivating. So I am sure to make it worth reading for you.

About me:
I’m Sidharth Sreekumar, 27years old born and brought up at Ottapalam a suburb in Palakkad Dist, Kerala. I did my schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya Ottapalam (were my base was laid), simply lost a year after my +2 in the name of CA (Chartered Accountant) the realisation hit me, I can’t sit at one place and work surely 9 to 5 wasn’t my cup of tea. The cubicles constantly haunted me and I found my calling, I was sure that I wanted to start of my business.

While doing my under graduation from Coimbatore I started putting the foundation of a business. My very first business of my own, it was the supply of housekeeping and kitchen materials to restaurants and event management company. I was thrilled with the experience and knowledge that I gathered. Then I decided to join my dad with our family business (Pharmacy retail). It was a much-needed eye-opener for me and I realized that it’s not yet time for me to start of anything fulltime. I flew to Bangalore and found a job there, like any other youngsters of our generation I worked hard and partied harder at Bangalore for another 2 years. All this while I have never let my dreams fade away.

At the end of 2015  I was done with the daily routine of sophisticated IT hub, I still remember it was a rainy day I packed up my bag from Bangalore started my bullet and rode all the way to my kingdom (Ottapalam) it was raining all the way from Bangalore to Coimbatore but this time I was determined that I’m gonna stay with my family look after my parents and grow our business. So this time I work harder but for myself. I worked in the family business for a year and then came to a conclusion and a position to expand in a specific direction.

I started my first retail outlet of Jan-Aushadhi (generic medical store) under the project Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Kendra at Ottapalam on April 2017, started the second one at Shoranur 20km from Ottapalam on April 2018. Then came the thought of diversification surely a lot of struggle and hard work but a constant drive to do something worthwhile.

Here is all that The GREAT INDIAN Foods offer –





I had this dream business of dry fruits and nuts. It has been in my mind for almost two years and I did my homework too. With the help of my family and friends, my dream of dry fruits world came true on the 6th of Sept 2018. We had a grand opening of The GREAT INDIAN Foods at Ottapalam, where we have a food street growing up towards the east of the town which is also known as east Ottapalam.

So now that the dream has become a reality, We are planning to expand in the retail sector and start off with the wholesale followed by exports by the end of the year. Keeping positive growth in mind we are hoping for the best. 

The GREAT INDIAN Foods offers corporate and business gifting ideas. You can also customise your gift hampers according to your choice.

I was intrigued to know what lead him into this business!

“I wished to see a happy customer in front of my reception. While working for the medical retails I hardly found a customer who is happy which was disturbing but I got to know that most people suffer from appetite problem which is very common and this problem is mainly due to unhealthy snacks, so I wanted to reach out to people and give them an understanding of what I call is a better snack option. All the products that we sell are keeping a (healthier you) in mind.”

We arrange products from their roots or what you can call it a true sources. We don’t have any middlemen or wholesale or anything in between and thus we assure the best quality.
We have few our own range of unique products, for eg. You would be familiar with masala cashew but our masala cashew comes with a tinge of garlic in it giving it a taste of authentic garlic masala cashew.  likewise, we have our own mixes in every cashew bite, one of the unique taste are Majboose flavour cashew. 

We are also very careful about our packaging. We guarantee 100% satisfaction from every customer

That was a truckload of information that made me go Woahhh. Honestly, I didn’t know that such varieties are available in the market and this has been such an informative blog for me. The best part is that they take online order so no matter what part of the city you are in they will make sure to deliver it to your doorstep. They provide cash on delivery across India.

Here are the details of THE GREAT Indian FOODS

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Start eating healthy and living a healthier life. 😀




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