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I love camping, Do you ?

If you haven’t gone out camping yet, you are surely missing out on life. Travelling and camping is a part of me which I really enjoy and cherish. So while my stay in Bangalore I really wanted to have a camping experience. I got in touch with Woovly it is a bucket listing website which helps you to tick off your bucket list and guess what! They did it. They fulfilled my camping wish in associated with Campmonk. I didn’t go for some regular camping experience I went for a pin-drop mystery camp experience and oh, boy it was one hell of an experience.

We were added in a WhatsApp group and the location was shared with us in the morning of the camping day. This place was about 2-hour drive away from Bangalore. It was surely mysterious and fun. We reached the campsite at about 3 in the afternoon. Some of us already had our tents ready and some started making their own tents. We all helped each other in putting up the tents. Warmed up with some cricket match, with the kids. It was a joy to see families taking initiative to bring kids for camping, ditching the everyday mall day. Then as everyone came in we went for a walk around the place and had an interacting session to get to know each other and discuss why we love nature. It just felt great to chase the cows and the goats rather than chasing targets and files. The kids kept exploring undiscovered lands and somehow we all found our own individual interest. Some of us even got our hands dirty and climbed here and there. It is so much fun to just be you. I guess we forget that often and it is important to revive and find us.

We went back to the campsite and sipped onto our cup of tea, while we chilled with everyone else. Spoke about life, ran around with the kids. I tried to fit myself in the tire swing and swing my life out which was something I never thought I would do. I got greased but who cares, I made memories. Memories are all that we live for and we all should make memories which we can cherish all our life. Camping has always been fun but this camping was really something. As the night sky started taking over, the campfire was lit up along with the barbeque preparation. Veg and Non-veg options were available. Like a hungry little that I am, I dug my face in food. It was simple, yet so yum organic food. There was live music followed by dinner.

Few of them called it a night off, few of us decided to stargaze. It was really chilled after a point of time but then maybe I wouldn’t be able to explain it in words how magical it was. As the sky started getting clearer it was lit by the stars. They were uncountable. I realised this is what I live for. I guess we all should live for. This is the best part about camping, sleeping in natures lap, quite literally.

Tho after a while I decided to go inside the tents. It was super spacious and definitely comfortable. The bedding was perfect, I soundlessly dozed off in no time. In the morning after tea, we went for a small hike, after a warm-up session. The weather was really suitable for it. Watched over some great views cam back hungry. Eat breakfast, chilled around the campsite for a while and then slowly biding goodbye we promised to see everyone soon. We all went back to our individual destinations with a bag full of everlasting memories. I really can’t thank enough for sure an amazing experience by Campmonk.

So here is some more details about Campmonk for all of you –

  1. Tells me something about people behind Campmonk.
    The Camp Monk story began with a search, a google search to be more precise. We (Shashi and Amit) along with a few of our close friends envisaged finding a campsite for the weekend, hoping that it included some beer, fishing and some good times. Many hours of scouring the internet for a reasonably good campsite proved futile, why was it so hard to find a campsite in a country as vast and beautiful as India? There was no dearth of camp spots as we found out later.
  2. How did you start this as a business?
    We pieced together information from friends and the internet we began camping on a regular basis, sometimes 4-5 times a month for almost three years. Sleeping under the stars, waking up to the sounds of nature and life-changing conversations around campfires made an indelible mark on us. The evolution of humans has a sacred connection to campfires as a means to socialize, provide warmth and relax. It was a chance to escape the doldrums of city life, and live like it was before small screens ruled our world. Around one such campfire it dawned upon us that it was time to share the joys of camping with others, it was time to build a community of nature conscious campers and to provide them with access to pristine campsites all over India. When we are not on the road, scouting breathtaking campsites we are in Bangalore planning our next big adventure.
  3. What lead you into this camp business? What brought forward this concept?
    When we started scouting for campsites and also ensuring how to book them, there was no one standardized process to be able to achieve the same. This became an important problem to solve, therefore all the efforts initially were spent to create the platform to enable campsite onboarding and online booking.
  4. What are your plans?
    Campmonk started as India’s largest aggregator of private campsites enabling anyone who likes camping to get outdoors and find amazing campsites with great amenities. We have currently around 600 campsites all across India within major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, and Kochi.
  5. Check them out here Our goal is to create 200 campsites in India which provides world-class facilities in the outdoors like luxury tents, clean washrooms, beautiful activities with the best hospitality. These are called as Camp-select campsites and currently, we have around 20 of them. You can check them out here at

Campmonk’s goal is to get people outdoors and also be responsible for the same. We would like to be a one-stop platform for finding amazing outdoor experiences across India by preserving the environment as well during the same.

Campmonk specializes in showcasing the best campsites and outdoor experiences all across India. Our team is very much filled with people who are passionate about outdoors and also understand the process of running a business. We work with Camplords to make sure their
operations and hospitality match our standards of hospitality in the outdoors and that ensures trust within our community to go camping with Campmonk.

Mention some interesting facts and activities take place.

We host an event every month within 2 hrs from any major city called Pindrop Mystery Camp.
Imagine this: You tell us that you’ve been wanting to get out of the city for a while but don’t want to get away too far. Then you trust us when we say we’ve got a plan, you sign up for this adventure.
We send you the location to a gorgeous campsite under 2hours away from your city but you have no idea what this place looks like. So you pack as per your minimal need, turn up there, pitch your tents and camp for a night in the company of those like-minded to you. Pindrop is a mystery camping experience based on discovery and exploration initiated by Campmonk. It’s like a treasure hunt and a camping experience rolled into one! We pick a beautiful location, keep it under wraps until the camp day and host you for a DIY camping experience. You bring your food, gear and yourself to the campsite and we’ll ensure that you land up at breathtaking places every time.
Check out the next one here –
Contact them at 9590495495 or drop an email at and become a part of an amazing outdoor community in India.

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