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Ever wanted a perfect eco-friendly weekend getaway?
We all want to go for weekend getaways, to detox yourself from the hectic schedule in day to day life.

Well, as lucky and amazing as it sounds I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of visiting and staying at Forest Hills Estate by Ecorganic.
Ecorganic brings you the best luxurious getaways in the lap of nature. This would be my second stay with Ecorganic and I am still in love with the whole concept and the hospitality they provide in each and every homestay, all around India.

If you are like me who enjoys to Escape the ordinary then this is your place. This place is about 3 hours drive from Electronic City Bangalore and you step into the state of Tamil Nadu.
We took zoom car and drove it ourselves, and would advise the same. Once we got out of the traffic zone and crossed the check post we kept driving through small villages and a 30-kilometre forest area known as Denkanikota. We were expecting to see some elephants but we spotted none but If you are lucky enough you might just. Then we went up and down the hills to reach this 20ace estate. I got to savour the endless views and timeless beauty of the enchanting forest drive to Forest Hills Estate. The minute I reached this farmhouse, I was engulfed with the beauty around me, It was breathtaking.
This Farm House has the mountains as an amazing backdrop and the fields give it a beautiful feel. I really enjoyed every bit of my stay there. The amazing combination of greenery and sunshine gives it a more magical feel.
The best part was the rooms and the bathrooms. They were spacious and had all modern amenities with the beauty of nature included in it. This place is a perfect getaway with your family and friends. Small get together is just ideal.

There is no network connection nor do they provide Wifi, which is the best way to have a digital detox. They have 2 functional cottages in the estates and are coming up with a 3rd one too. Cottages can hold up to 15+ people in it.
There is a big dining place for everyone to sit and enjoy a meal together. The food there was amazing, they provided us with organic home-cooked food and they are very adjusting. If anyone has preferences with the food then if mentioned earlier they will happily cater to your needs. Me being a foodie was on cloud 9. I had an amazing and tummy-filling Non – Veg organic food which was like a cherry on the cake for me. They have a lot of options for vegetarians too. There is nothing available in and around 30 km of the cottage.
For me, the best part was when I got to witness the beautiful butterflies there. I kept chasing them rather looked like they kept chasing me as they were so many of them.
Watching the sunset was a very magical experience for me as the sky turned a very beautiful shade of pink and orange. I am crazy about sunsets and I couldn’t ask for anything more. They also have two swimming pools where one of them is ready to use. I went walking around the gardens filled with Sweet lime, pomegranates, papaya and guava. They follow organic farming and the guests are allowed to pluck the fruits and learn organic farming. It is a great way to connect with nature.

Sunsets were so magical.

For people who love trekking, they have two amazing trek point around this area and there is a very beautiful dam surrounded by paddy field. This place is a bird watchers paradise, I did get a chance to go bird watching. I went during a Full Moon night the sky was beautifully lit and the view was splendid. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky. I sat on the swing outside my room and glared at the sky as long as I could. For entertainment, they provide music system, games and other fun activities.
The most interesting part is that they are pet-friendly too. So get your furry friend along with you and have the best Digital Detox of your life!
I without any iota of doubt had the most relaxing and rejuvenating stay here.

I wish and hope that you guys would also give it a try and feel everything that I felt for yourself! I am hoping to visit this place again anytime soon. Will you?

A brief idea of Ecorganic farm stay
Having started from the idea of agriculture, difficulties faced, such as the land getting extremely dry, caused the owners to come up with an alternative idea – that of starting a farm stay. With barely two properties, it has now expanded vastly over the past year and a half. With the aim of giving visitors an experience to cherish, they created a space to help one connect with their soul. Run by two professional doctors who are passionate about travelling, each home-stay has its own unique features and identity and offers a variety of experiences.
Dr Dinesh A pediatric anaesthetist by profession and an explorer at heart has been an adventurous freak, to break the monotony of his stressful job. He could not find anything better than offering experiences to his guests. The lack of good luxurious home-stays led him to grow his idea radically and within two years, all of it started taking shape. According to him, rooms are not what he wanted to sell, but experiences. While recounting the passion, he recalled a humorous incident – A busy man from Monday to Friday, he uses his weekends to travel with his family and spend time with his guests. While showing a guest around the home-stay, once, he was offered a tip for ‘his amazing service’ and the guest even promised to speak a couple of good words about him to his boss for his kindness. Little did he know that he was actually talking to the owner of the Home-stay. From being child-friendly to pet-friendly, the home-stay provides you with a 24×7 check-in facility. Besides, they also have facilities to cater to pregnant mothers.

Here is the link to my previous stay with Ecorganics – Pembroke Villa near Manjakombai village, Manjakombai, Tamil Nadu

Here are the details about Ecorganic Stay
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