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Oh, How much I love the breathable fabric. Being born and brought up in a Bengali family who adore cotton was the best thing that ever happened to me. Cotton clothing is something no one ever regrets paying money for. So the first time I came across Diya Mehta Clothing I was more than impressed. It was love at first sight.

Her eye for detail is impeccable! The designs are all limited edition and that makes it more unique. All the materials used are pure cotton and her choice of colours surprised me for the first time because I never thought, even in my wildest dreams that two colours like pink and neon green would go together. Her clothes make your skin thank you for letting it breathe without the need for being naked. There is a very thin line between want and need and for me when I tried on her clothes for the first time, the line just diminished into thin air for it was really amazing. Tie-Dye has been dying off these days and fast fashion is taking over the market. Yet I am happy to see and experience Diya’s choices of colours and patterns. They are very unique and one of a kind.

Diya primarily works with Mulmul and Chanderi. From sarees to tops she has everything available and can be customized according to the need and taste. I got myself a dress and wore it to Radisson Blu Karjat and it was a head-turner. I was stopped and asked where it is from as it was so casual yet so classy and chic.

Clothes have always defined who we are and what our personality is in society and finding clothes that satisfy your hearts need is the most difficult task. So I can happily say that trying out Diya’s clothes was the day I truly felt satisfied. I would totally recommend her line of clothing because she has everything for every occasion

In Conversation with Diya Mehta herself about her brand

My brand Diya Mehta Clothing, is all about “Stylised Comfort ,” The cuts are usually straight with minimal embellishments. Each of the garments can be styled and accessorized in different ways, adding an element of one’s own personality. The designs are produced in limited editions making the collection individualistic and one of a kind. I
believe that when you are comfortable, you will be more confident and Fashion will be the statement you make. Clothes may be the vision of the designer but when worn it becomes an expression of you.
The brand has come out of my love for Design , and the desire to create beautifulthings, for oneself and one’s home. Though I have formally never trained in Design. Production Design was part of my job for some years in advertising. I was also blessed because the people I worked with were sticklers for perfection and the right look demanded a lot of thought and hard work, whether in Costumes or Props. I learnt a lot
about details and the final look coming together at work .Growing up in a home that was full of elegance and grace, also aided my sense of putting together colours and textures. The flow and fall of fabrics, how prints and colours enhance the design and how the garments come alive once put on a body… is what amazes me. Its only when
someone slips on a creation or wears a style designed by you, that you can you tell whether it works as a design or not.

Tie and Dye is what I love working with the most in Mulmul; Chanderi. These fabrics workwell in our climate too. The lightness of Mulmul is best suited to our tropical climate and adds its own charm to each garment . This fabric is great for anytime of the year..
At first glance, the details I try and incorporate may go unnoticed, but take a closer look, and you will notice that hint of colour, that small stitch on the neck, or perhaps another layer of fabric peeping through.

My sensibilities are best defined in the words of Bihu Mohapatra “I want my clothes to make women feel more of who they are instead of becoming someone else”

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