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Durga Pujo is around the corner and us bongs can’t keep our calm. For us, puja is the most awaited festival of the year and we plan it at least 5-6 months prior. Starting from what to wear, where to go, which place to eat and what not! Apart from the food we Hogg on, dressing up plays a very important role. For me, Durga puja means saree. Nothing beats the six yards of elegance. Nothing! For me, a handloom or linen saree with silver/oxidized jhumkas would be a match made in heaven. However, Kolkata’s weather is not at all makeup friendly and thus today I am gonna tell you about my 5 go to make up essentials that I depend on when it comes to roaming around the city, hopping pandals and eating phuchka with friends. Let’s get started-

Base – Sunblock + BB/CC cream – Prepping is very important. Your skin needs it. After I wash your face with face wash, I use toner and bamboo gel to prep my skin. Followed by Neutrogena Sunblock. For the base, you can either use CC (Correct & Care) cream or a BB cream depending on your skin type. BB is ideal for oily to normal skin whereas cc gives a Lil moist to your skin, suitable for dry skin. Make sure you get the correct shade for your skin tone. Neither lighter nor darker. I have been using CC cream ( I have dry skin) from Faces Canada for the last 2 years and I swear by it!

Concealer- Well, face it. We all have dark circles and pigmentation (perks of being an adult!) and it’s absolutely normal and beautiful. If you want to flaunt it that’s absolutely okay with me. However, when I deck up, I prefer concealing my dark circles and acne scars. I use LA pro-girl. Get a shade lighter to your skin tone. You can choose from a range of concealers available in the market of various brands. Make sure to blend it perfectly. A very important part.

Compact/Bake – I am not a foundation person. I hardly use it. So my third step is usually baking right under my eyes or using compact to finish the look. I use FIt Me compact. If you are a beginner then go for it. It’s reasonable and it gives Medium coverage. If you want to buy something from the higher range with full coverage, MAC is amazing. Even L’ORÉAL inflammable range is also nice.

Kajal + Eyeliner– Very important duo. I feel Kajal/kohl is an integral part of my being. I have been asked to put Kajal otherwise I look sick, confusing people whether I am really sick or faking it LOL. I use Plum Kajal. It is hands down the best Kajal I have used in my 15years of long Kajal wearing life. I have very teary eyes and I have used various brands. None worked. This did. It’s absolutely black which makes my Lil eyes look a Lil bigger. And of course, eyeliner and sarees go hand in hand. I love to wing it with my ethnic wears. It’s a must to create dreamy eyes. You can also try different colours to pop them out! Like blue or neon or brown. I have been using one from Faces and it’s nice. You can try a range of different liners from Lakme to Benefit. Depending on your budget.

Lipstick – The most important part of the face for me. I have to colour my lips. Red, pink, brown, maroon! I think lipstick can create magic. It can change a very sublet look to a very sexy one. Or a very dull face into a bright one. Red is my personal favourite.

Mascara– This is not optional for me. I use it every single day. I like to lash it out. Maybelline has the best range when it comes to mascara. You can pick and choose based on what you want ( volume, curl, long lashes etc.)

Blush – If you wanna put some colour on your cheeks, Maybelline has a range of different shades in blush. Reasonable and nice.

Highlighter – I live this one. However, I really don’t use it in the morning. I prefer using this on my cheekbones and nose at night to give my face a glamorous touch. I have been using Elf’s baked moonlight highlighter for some time now. And I swear by it. You can check the Makeup Revolution, Maybelline for different shades.

Quick tips-
Knowing your undertone and shades are very important. Talk to the consultants to know your shade. Try and see if it’s actually matching your skin tone. Blending your make up is very important. Buy the egg shape makeup blenders and damp it before using it.
Make your lips moist enough before wearing dry matte lipsticks. Put Boroline or any lip cream at night. It helps you to get rid of cracked lips.
Lastly, try to take care of your skin. Try to eat healthily and have loads of water to hydrate your body from within.

SassygalintownShe has been such an awesome friend and an inspiration to me. I droll over her pictures and the confidence she has in her self to carry anything off so effortlessly is worth following her journey. Her styling sense is commendable. She is Satabdi Roy a plus size fashion enthusiast. She believes in fitness but doesn’t compromise with her food. She is a big Foodie and her heart is 10times bigger than her stomach is what I can undoubtedly vouch for.



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