Choices in life – What would you choose?

Have you ever been stuck in life?

I think we all get stuck in life when we come across a situation where we have to choose. Life and choices, I think it is one of the most complicated terms and condition that we all have to make someday or the other. Today’s blog is about my choices in life. How to choose what we want in life is very difficult. If you are also stuck in a situation like I am then maybe we can help each other to find the right way to move forward. I have made some very difficult choices in the past few years well maybe this is why we all hate adulting. Adulting is all about making difficult choices even when you don’t want to make one. Lifeforce you to take a step towards the right and wrong and to move forward.

I have shared a lot of stories over a year now I know a lot of you must have been facing similar problems as mentioned in the stories but today let’s talk about choices.

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What would you do you if you were in my shoes?

I did get reconnected with my ex, while he was expecting another child in his life. It was hard for me to gulp it all down I was very very disturbed. I didn’t know how to react to it. I struggled badly. Each day it was a fight between my heart and my mind. I just wanted to break free move forward and never look back while each time I heard his voice I wanted to talk a little longer. Love is funny it just makes its way to your heart and too stubborn to leave you alone. There was no stop to our conversation, I knew he was struggling so was I. He was struggling with his present life and his relationship with his wife.

I was away in a completely different city in a very different setup. somehow I compromised with life and I was moving forward while me connecting with him brought back all the memories and feelings. I was hurt and restless all over again.

As I needed help and I started going for therapy my counsellor give me two choices – he told me very clearly that my situation is complicated and I know it. If he loves me and his relationship/ marriage is not working out he has to get a divorce. But I have to remember that he has two kids and he will always have to be responsible for them. So I can either wait all my life to know was this meant or I need to move forward and never look back.

I love him and I know that I won’t be able to love anybody as much as I have loved him. He has never committed to me, he never saw a future with me and he was very clear about that but his actions were completely different from what he told me. It has always been very difficult but the struggle was to let him go. To not hold on, to not be able to make him believe that I love and wants the best for him, for us. Maybe I would have never known what love feels like if I would have not met him.

My counsellor mentioned that I will be called a selfish person if I never look back but he also mentioned that if I wait all my life and nothing works out I will regret it all my life that “I had the time to move on but I did not.”

See if you have been in love then you would know that no one understands it is really difficult to let go. To forget about all the feeling that you once felt with the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life. So I stand on the crossroad of my life, really exhausted and hurt. I don’t know which way to go, I don’t know which road to take. This day I stand lifelessly waiting to find out what is right for me to do. I wish I could unfold a few days of my coming future to simplify these difficult choices in my present life.

I would appreciate knowing what do you think after reading this if you know anybody who has gone over such situation share this blog with them so that they can help me choose and make the right decision for myself. Please leave your ideas, value-added comments below as it will help me to understand a different perspective.

Thank you for always being there for me and listening to me and appreciating my blog. Sending warm hugs to each one of you reading it.



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