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Durga Pujo

Being born and raised in Kolkata october month has always been super special. I used to get good food, good sleep and a long holiday. Life looked perfect at the age of 10 till school got over. Little did I enjoy pujo!

Born in a Christian family, the crazy lights glam and glitz always caught my attention. My city “the city of joy” would be decorated during this time, heavy traffic crazy lighting and what more. Little did I enjoy that pandal hopping, always felt I would be lost.

My mum belonged from a Hindu family. My parents had an amazing inter caste marriage. So I would enjoy all the attention, gifts and delicious food during this time. Nothing more nothing less.

When I started growing up I love all the attention I got during Puja I would hang out with friends, hop around in different pandals. The crowded street didn’t bothered me any longer as I had amazing company. Late night we would go out for long drives. Be amazed looking at those beautiful pandals and lightings. The crazy crowd would remain to be insane even at that hour, moreover the long holiday I would always look forward too. Puja in kolkata every year was a nostalgic affair. Kolkata the city of joy where people from different walks of life comes together and enjoy each and every festival. That’s why this city is described as “Emotion”


A lot of people usually asked me that the how can you enjoy pujo??

I mean why would I not enjoy pujo?


Starting with the food, the amazing food, the endless variety of sweets, the lightings, the adda, the decoration everything catches your attention. Everyone enjoys Durga Pujo in Kolkata.

Togetherness is what Pujo means for me; pujo ever meant for me.

I always wondered which one to choose from the chaos.

I always asked myself whether I like it or not?

Over a period of time while I was still in Kolkata I didn’t like the crazy crowd but that never stop me from enjoying with my friends and family now it’s been almost two years that I am away from Kolkata and I know how much I miss the pujo vibes. Scrolling through facebook updates does made me sad, 

I have been seeing status updates that everyone is enjoying the holiday checking in to Kolkata Airport while I am looking at the sunset and thinking while I am on the verandah of my office from the 11 floor. There is no celebration whatsoever, nothing compared to Kolkata. It does break my heart, So many emotions overflowing.

But then this year something special happened.

This Year I am participating all the way from Mumbai for a very special event. I am celebrating Durga pujo with my blogging family.

A year ago, four bloggers from different cities connected to form #BloggersDurgaPujo and little did they knew that we would form a history today. This year the team has just got bigger. Come join us by following the hashtag #bloggersdurgapujo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This year we are 19 bloggers from all around India, sharing pujo memories, nostalgia, pujo from around the country, fashion, food and everything in between.

What’s next?

You would just need to stay tuned as we are going to make it special #DurgaPuja2018 for you.

List of Participating Bloggers
Dr. Amrita Basu (Misra): https://healthwealthbridge.com
Indrani Ghose: https://isharethese.com
Kapila Rattan Bhowmik: www.everylittlethinghappiness.com
Dr. Kuheli Bhattacharya: http://www.thefoodietrails.com
Paromita Biswas: https://goodtimestrails.com
Sayanti Mahapatra: http://bingeonbasics.com
Shruti Dugar: http://webofwords.in
Sonia Chatterjee: https://soniasmusings.com

Also here is the route map

List of places to visit Durga pujo Kolkata Pandel Hopping

North Kolkata

Take a metro to Girish Park Metro Station & then follow this order :
1• Darpanarayan Street
2• Pathuriyaghata
3• Ahiritola
4• Beniyatola
5• Jagat Mukherjee Park
6• Kumartuli Park
7• Kumartuli Sarbojonin
8• Bagbazar Sarbojonin
9• Tala Barowari
10• Tala Protya

Now come to Shyambazar 5 point junction & go towards Hati Bagan
11• Sikdar Bagan
12• Nabin Pally
13• Nalin Sarkar Street
14• Hati Bagan Sarbojonin
15• Hati Bagan Pally
16• Kashi Bose Lane

Now come to Khanna Theatre Crossing & go towards Kankurgachi
17• Kankurgachi Yubak Brindo
18• Kankurgachi Mitali
19• Beleghata 33 Pally

From there go to Ultadanga
20• Ultadanga Sangrami
21• Ultadanga Pally Sree
22• Telenga Bagan
23• Surir Bagan
24• Kar Bagan
25• Golaghata Sarbojonin

From there go to Lake Town
26• Sribhumi Sporting
27• Laketown Aadibasi Brindo
28• Lake Town Netaji Sporting
29• Dumdum Park Tarun Sangha
30• Bharat Chakra
31• 4 No. Tank
32• Dumdum Park Yubak Brindo
33• Dumdum Tarun Dal

Now Baguihati
34• Prafulla Kanan

From there go to
35• Manicktala Chalta Bagan Loha Potti
36• Vivekananda Sporting
37• Simla Bayam Samity

This will bring you back to Girish Park Metro Station.
Then Go to
38• Md. Ali Park
39• College Square
40• Santosh Mitra Square (Lebutala Park)
41• Sealdah Athletic Club

South Kolkata

Start from Netaji Bhawan Metro
42• Bhawanipore 75 Pally
43• Bhawanipore Bokul Bagan
44• Swadhin Sangha
45• Abasar
46• Bhawanipore Sarbojonin
47• Rupchand Kundu Lane

48• Maddox Square

Now, Go to Rashbehari
49• Badamtala Ashar Sangha
50• 66 Pally
51• Nepal Bhattacharya Street

Cross Tolly Canal
52• Chetla Agrani 

Back to Rashbehari
53• Mudiali Club
54• Shiv Mandir
55• Ballygunge Samaj Sebi Sangha
56• Ballygunge Cultural Association
57• Tridhara Sammilani
58• Deshapriya Park
59• Hindustan Park
60• Singhi Park
61• Ekdalia Evergreen
62• Falguni Sangha
63• Ballygunge 21 Pally
64• Kasba BosePukur Sitala Mandir
65• BosePukur Talbagan Sarbojonin
66• Raj Danga Naba Udyan Sangha

Come back to Gariahat & go towards Dhakuria
67• BabuBagan Club
68• Selimpur Pally
69• Jodhpur Park
70• 95 Pally

Cross Jadavpur University & go to Sulekha More
71• Santoshpur Trikon Park
72• Santoshpur Pally Mangal Samity
73• Santoshpur Lake Pally

Now, take Bypass till Patuli
74• Patuli Sarbojonin
75• Kandua Maitree
76• Patuli Nogor Brindo (@ 45-B Bus Stand)

Now, go to Naktala through Garia
77• Naktala Udayan Sangha
78• Netaji Jatiyo Seba Dal

Now, go to Tollygunge more
79• Tollygunge Vivekananda Sporting
80• Haridevpur Ajay Sanhati
81• SB park ThakurPukur
82• Barisha Sporting Club
83• Behala Friends
84• Behala Tarun Dal
85• Behala Yubo Maitree
86• Behala Club
87• Alipore Sarbojonin
88• New Alipore Suruchi Sangha
89• Buro Shibtala

Now Khidderpore
90• 25 Pally
91• 75 Pally
92• Nabarag
93• Pally Sharadiya
94• Yubak Sangha
95• Kabitirtha

Missed in order
96• Park Circus
97• Entally Sarbojonin
98• Adi Ballygunge

Thank you
*TEAM URCPL* for this amazing route map. 

Photo courtesy – https://www.facebook.com/F5PHOTOGRAPH

Wishing everyone a great Pujo. Have fun be safe and enjoy! Click a lot of selfie, eat till your stomach says Oh. No more.

With Love




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