ARTJUNA GOA | Part 2 Its All About Food

As Promise that Artjuna part 2 will be up soon 

Here it is.

It is all about food, only about food and food and food alone.

Artjuna Cafe – It’s a One-stop Cafe and because this place has a variety of option I would only focus on food. If you haven’t heard about Artjuna. I’m sure you are missing out a gem of a place in Goa.

Artjuna is a lifestyle store and cafe.

There is an interesting story attached to Artjuna. If you haven’t gone over my first blog on Artjuna. You can click on to the Link.

When it comes to food in Artjuna. They have an endless menu for you to go over it and choose. Eat and Eat again. Artjuna menu is well explained so that you have no problem in choosing your food. I am a Foodie, for foodie like me Artjuna is a paradise. 

They also have a special menu according to the season and all which is just woah. You can never get bored and something new each time you visit them.

You will always be surprised by their menu. Which is a pretty cool idea.

We were about eight of us when we visited Artjuna. The entire team of Passionate photographers decided to land up in Artjuna on a sunday morning for Brunch. As we have been awestruck by the beautiful cafe we were super satisfied by the menu and everyone just started eating, I guess hogging will be the right word. Our table was full with food. We ate non stop if I can put it words correctly, the plates just kept rolling from one corner to another. The food was so delicious that when I told my friends to review, all they could only say was good and so good. We mainly tried the Mediterranean cuisine.

So here it is what we tried –

Shakshuka –  It is the egg dish, the exposed and cooked in thick tomato sauce and onion spice up with paprika garlic pepper. This is served in a pan and comes with some fresh whole grain bread. It is very filling.

Pocket Pinch – Rs 230


Falafel Plate –  Looks like the meatball it is so good honesty my friend had no other word to describe it better. He just kept saying so good. I am sure when you are going to try this you will say the same “it is so good”.  As the crumbs were left for me, when I tried it even I said it was just Yum. So the colorful meatballs are purely vegetarian, made out of chickpea and onion mix. So it is a veg item. It is severed with Arabic salad, green chutney and some warm pita bread

Pocket Pinch – Rs 250

Borekas –  The name sounds so uncommon and I have never tried Mediterranean food before this. Thanks to the well explained menu I didn’t had to break my brains. It is a delicious Middle East dish. It is baked and stuffed pastries layered with filling of your choice. It is very crispy.  

Small Plate of Borekas will cost you Rs 220

A bowl of Hummus –  The hummus is made out of boiled chickpeas, best quality tahini, top quality virgin olive oil is used. It also comes with homemade pickle, spicy green chutney and warm pita bread.

Pocket Pinch – Small Rs 150, Big Rs – 220

Next, we got was egg salad sandwich, the egg was mixed with generous amount of mayonnaise and mustard dressing which I love topped with diced tomatoes and pesto.

Pocket Pinch – Small Rs 150, Large Rs 200


Fruit salad bowl – I ate it up all alone. Healthy, tasty and full of nutrition values. The bowl had 6 different types of fresh fruits garnished with shredded coconut served with honey and peanuts.


The food was so yum that you can never go wrong with anything you order. I’m a food critic if you are following me on zomato you will know how important food is for me. I eat anything edible. Food is the best part about life and if you are a foodie like me you need to visit Artjuna Goa.

We also had about 6  those types of juice on our table watermelon, Papaya, pineapple, mixed fruit and would keep drinking and ordering for more as they were so fresh.


The coffee was one of the best coffee I  ever had. The beans were roasted properly and the aroma. Just the way I like my coffee. Oh, it took my heart away.


The quantity the quality of every food item has been beyond perfect.

We even grabbed some Desserts, as they say, desserts travel straight to your heart.

Some waffles with ice cream

French pastry


Hope you liked it, Visit Artjuna soon and do let me know what all you tried. I can’t wait to visit them soon.

Photographer courtesy – Satyam Panda (Bangalore)

Clyde Almeida (Goa) –



Love Foodie



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