5 Short Poems | By Shalini

“Poetry is a sketch pad to our soul!”
The best poetry happens when you allow thoughts to flow without judgement.
Someone told me this.

How beautifully it has been explained.
I started writing poetry when I was about 6 years and I was a topic of joke. People laughed at me, on my poetry.

6 years old yes surely it must have been silly poems but now over the years things have changed.

I love to pen down emotions.

Here it is 10 Poems Scribbled out for my readers.


Sometimes he is like the southern wind, sometimes like the sun through a vessel of glass,
Like the light through an oriel window in the room; it’s hard.
Sometimes he is the colour of the ocean, or of sand in the fiery noon, so hard to understand.
Sometimes he is so bruised with shadows I can barely see.
Sometimes he moves like the rivers, so joyful it seems.
Sometimes like the trees; so strong and high
At times so fixed so much of silences it seems;
Sometimes he is fine, sometimes fury, sometimes lime.
Strange even with the sometimes there is no time that,
I love him in every way of his sometime.



2. HER

She lived life her way

Wild free and crazy.

Money couldn’t buy her happiness

They society looked and said not for long Baby.

She flew and escaped all barriers until the day

she was caught in the net.

She was strangled till she learnt to follow

the blinds way.

3rd Feb’2017



Never again will you see me smile,
Never again will my heart will cry.

Never again will I say I love,
Never again I will cross your mind.

Love you like never before
Never again will I do so.
A life without you, I don’t want to live.

Never again shall we click?

If you ever say you love me to!
Never again will I let go of you.

4th Nov’2016



I wish I could make things right,

not for you to come back

but for me too live in my own eye.
You are lost.

You are gone.
My life have also moved on.

seem like a endless dream of pain and agony,

but then I only knew that

you are broken from a pale storm.



Once again same day same time just a year ago,
We said hi and days passed by.
Every notification turned green knowing that things have changed over time it seemed.
Strangers turned friends over night and days.
A lot happened over coffee dates, text and calls for fame and name.
Little did I knew it was all a game.
365 days turned rolling over friendship two real conversations as lovers over the moon light to the dim sun.
Now the equations has changed and things a realistic once again
Rushed into things that the heart said it was true,
Like a fool all I wanted was him to be true
Here again stuck in the same time same day just a year past by.
Friend turn stranger in no time.
Love faded over as the grape turned wine



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