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Hey, all excited to know about Europe Trip ??

Let me tell you a story before you read about Gurleen’s trip to Europe.

“We have been Instagram friends we shared the same passion and love for travelling , we always appreciated each other travel photos and stories but we never met like never ever met or spoken. So when she head out to Europe and I saw her travel photos I was in Mumbai I was so so so jealous of her and in no time she landed in Mumbai we did catch up for cups of coffee, pizza and what not.”


Always have been excited to know about her trip so here it is for you and me to know all about her travel story.



So this year again came as a shock to me. I had a crisis in life because of personal issues and then my startup failed. So I asked mom, dad, to plan someone trip somewhere so that I can find myself back after this big setback in life. So the destination had to be chosen by my parents as I literally gave up on life and then I remember one fine day my dad said pack your bags we are going Pah-ree (French call Paris as Pah-ree). For a moment I could not believe what I just heard and the next moment I was all excited about the trip. I released this is it, this is what I wanted and come what may I am going to make most out of this trip. So we had our flight to Pah-ree from Chennai airport and I remember since the day my dad told we are going to Europe I was just trying to dream about that place even during the day.

So it all began on 15th June 2018, we took a flight from Chennai airport to Pah-ree (I am going to use Pah-ree instead of Paris in this whole article because I sort of love this word). For me, the journey is always more important than the destination but as you go through my article you will see the journey and the destination both did not miss even a single chance to amaze me.

So I remember before going to Chennai I began my trip by visiting the Golden temple in Amritsar. It all began on the very nice note with God’s blessing. I was happy and then we went to Trichy, again I would say the place was just amazing. Long palm trees with beautiful green fields.

The trip began with almost 14 hours journey to Pah-ree. We stepped out of the plane and I just wanted to capture as much as I can in my eyes and soul so that when I go back I can again daydream about this dream which came true.

Finally, we were in Pah-ree and by luck, our guide was an Indian who was again in love with this city like me but the only difference was he was now a permanent resident of this city of love. So he took us around most of the parks, avenues and museums which were just filled with sculptures and sculptures. The architecture of Pah-ree is so amazing that you would want to spend almost an hour exploring each and every place in this city and then there are almost 1000 places to explore, so imagine it would take almost 1000 hours which is almost 42 days. And the sad part was I had just 2 days to see this beautiful city. But no regrets, I saw Eiffel tower and river Seine which is like Ganga to Pah-ree people.

On a metaphysical level, the water of the river Seine is a type of mirror in which the city finds its own reflection. In the evening we had a chance to take a cruise in this beautiful river and explore the charm of Pah-ree in the evening. Again I fell in love with the kind of atmosphere that Pah-ree had. People sitting on the left and the right river banks enjoying their drinks, some reading and some kissing. I could feel the aura of that place.

The next morning we left for Switzerland. This was the cherry on top. Now again we had this journey of almost 10 hours by bus to this amazing place where “Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” was shot. I was almost like “Jara Sa Jhoom lun mein”.

Typical bollywood vibes after seeing the lush green mountains covered with white could and amazingly blue sky. Now we had to visit Luzern and mount Titlis which again was just mesmerising. We reached mount Titlis through a Gondola and it was so cold out there with snow everywhere and we just could not stop ourselves from playing with it. I just can not tell you how much I hate snow and how like a kid I just played with it because I knew I would never experience this again in my life.

It was time to return back to our hotels because next morning we were going to the topmost point of Europe which we call as Jafarganj (because we could not pronounce Jungfrau, funny right? This is what we used to do in our journey on the bus with our friends, like we named Mount Titlis as Paharganj).

So once again we were on road to explore Jungfrau. To reach Jungfrau you have to take a beautiful train ride from Interlaken to Jungfrau which is almost 3454 meters above sea level. It’s a whole new world out there. We reached the top and there were so many things to do but for while I just wanted to sit and look at the mountains which were covered heavily with snow. It was -7 degree and the chilly winds were blowing and I could see the people around me playing. There was a different vibe in that place. Happy and energetic souls trying to make the best out of this trip to the roof of Europe.

The next destination was Austria. I had this thought in mind constantly that when everything is so beautiful, what do you photograph?

So our next destination was Rome, an ancient city with a modern twist. We had to see places like Colosseum, The Vatican (because I am a huge Dan Brown fan) and the Trevi Fountain and St. Peter’s Square. There are more than 900 churches in Rome and you will find the richness and range of decor astonishing, from fine classical art to tacky electric candles.

I just missed Florence and Venice. I was so engrossed in the museums of Rome that I forgot to tell you about our boat ride to Venice. I can clearly remember the whole landscape, we were in this deep blue waters and in front of us we could see this colourful city with beautiful architecture against this blue sky. Again I just wanted to sit back and relax but the water around Venice was such a turndown.

We reached Venice and I could see thousands of tourists celebrating the art around with beer and wine. What a happy moment. I wanted to stay longer in this fairytale city and discover the pleasures of la bea vita (the beautiful life) that only locals know, but again we just had an evening to get as much as we could in this place. The next stop was Florence- the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. This city has almost 80 museums which host some of the finest art in the world made by Donatello, Verrocchio, Desiderio da Settignano, Michelangelo (Don’t worry if you don’t know who these personalities are, go visit Florence once or see some Dan brown’s movies) and so many other masterpieces that create a body of work unique in the world.

I have tried to mention small little details from the places I visited but there is a lot to discover and honestly, one month is not enough to explore Europe. If I had an Aladdin’s Chirag, I would just ask Ginee for one wish and that is to explore Europe fully like with the slightest detail of watching the Rome from Janiculum hill. In all the journey and the destinations across Europe were just mesmerising.

I fall short of words now because I am just so taken back to those days when I used to wake up happy to have a sip of coffee in a new place every day and a sip of wine to put me back to my dreams of exploring Europe.

Did she make you fall in love with Europe?

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