Heartbreak or Breakup | Know how to deal with it

How to deal with a breakup?

If you’re going through a breakup and you don’t know how to deal with it let me tell you that you are on the right track. There is no theory or solutions or even a proper way of dealing with it. Nobody can teach you to deal with a breakup, if you think that there is you are highly mistaken.

If someone is advising you by telling you that it is very easy to move on,  tell them to f*** off.

Heartbreaks are never easy, it is one of the worst things that we suffer from as a human being.  One of the most important part of human life, we all go through it. Sometimes it is very difficult sometimes it is very easy, depending on one person to another.

Even I had my share of heartbreak, multiple you can say. I had one of the worst breakups you can ever think of everyone thinks the same

If you really get attached very fast and you don’t know how to get out of that situation you are here at the right place reading the right thing.

So a lot of people will advise you a lot of things, remember that it is just temporary.  The best way to deal with a breakup is to accept the breakup. Unless and until you accepted that you had a breakup and you cannot do anything about it, you will feel less burden on your shoulder.

1. So the first thing you gotta do is accept that you had a breakup. It is very hard in the beginning, you will keep questioning and reasoning as to why and how?

There is no answer to that. So stop questioning yourself. It is very simple either he/she loved you or they did not, so believe what you have to and let go of what you don’t.

2. Hating him/her  blocking them will not lead you anywhere but if you don’t want to see what they are upto any longer then please go ahead and block from every possible place.

3. If you think that you are lonely yes you are and your friends will be there with you for momentarily. So learn to be your own best friend, just the way you would treat your best friend when she/he would have a breakup treat yourself the same way. Take yourself out, treat yourself to good food, watch movies in your pyjamas and sleep it off.

If you are a guy and you had a breakup and thinking that these above suggestion are for women.

Let me tell you this that there are lot of sensitive guys out there who desperately needs help when they go through a heartbreak. I know quite a few of them in my real life and I completely agree that men do suffer more when they encounter breakup and it’s not easy for a man to let go of it. A heartbreak is a heartbreak it hurts no matter which gender you belong to. Always remember this that if you are one of those men who has been dumped and you are really sad about it.  You are not the person in a loss, she is. The woman who is going to get you would be the luckiest woman.

So breathe in and breathe out while you go through the difficult situation, because for a man to deal with breakup is very different from a woman to deal with it.

4. Do not be hard on yourself, it was not your fault even if it was your fault I am sure you are one of them who would make sure to make it up for it. Sometimes things are ugly and messy you just need to let go of them. Some people say that Life is not about options or maybe it is. There are really very few that we all connect with and when they leave our life, it is very difficult for us to handle the situation. But the right way to deal with the situation this to accept and go through the situation.

Unless and until you accept it nobody can help you but the time you accept it you don’t need anybody’s help. You will know exactly what to do, your heart your system will tell you what to do. Don’t listen to anybody giving you crappy advice’s.

If they say time heals time fades the scars mind you healing comes from within. Sometimes it takes a week sometimes it takes lifelong. But definitely, time fades the pain and memories.

5.If you are dealing with a breakup and you are looking for help and you are not getting any please be patient with yourself. Pamper yourself,  be kind and loving to yourself. You might feel that nobody understands you, and you are all messed up and lost this is momentary.

To cry it out is probably one of the best solutions but don’t go to an extent of hurting yourself while you are crying it out.  Eat and drink keep yourself hydrated, even when you feel that you don’t want to eat anything you can’t sleep it is very normal and natural.

If someone breaks your heart it is difficult, but understand this that you are a beautiful soul that you have a heart that you put out for someone to feel loved and they rejected it so it is there loss and not yours.  You will still remain to be a beautiful soul that you are and there will be one day when some other beautiful soul will let his/her heart all out to you so that the hearts can come together and beat as one.

Wait for that day for that beautiful moment and let go of this momentary pain as soon as you can.

My Experience

When I had a breakup I often kept running away I left the city, I went to isolation I hardly used to talk to my friend, family I  had eventually let go of everything that I loved. It was a very very difficult situation for me and I thought that I would never be able to come out of it.  It was a constant struggle and people thought that I need psychological help, I need all kinds of help possible. I did take all the help possible knocked at every door to help me. I went to a doctor, I went to take a break, I started travelling, I started doing what I like but I wasn’t fruitful in any of that.

I was great at my job I left my job and I shifted to somewhere else looking for another job and it still did not help me. I terribly sucked at everything that I did even at the things I was great at. At that point I felt I was good for nothing. I felt depressed often, I kept being hard on myself for no fault of my.

I would never stop blaming myself that I could have been a better person to handle the relationship or to handle the person I was in love with. But the truth is that if somebody loves you and really want to be with you they make an effort to be with you. They will overcome all your problems. They will love you for your efforts will love you for who you are they won’t judge you and let go of you for the silliest of reasons. We all make mistakes it is a part of growing up. If they hold on to your mistakes and keep poking you it will haunt you throughout your life. We just have one life don’t ruin it for anybody.

Love yourself as much as you can it is the most necessary thing. The world will fall apart, at least you will feel like that when you have a breakup. Give it time take the responsibility and slowly efficiently be true to yourself and pick yourself up.

Trust me this is the best gift you can ever give yourself.

You need to treat yourself right I made the mistake of not treating myself right so definitely, others did not treat me right.

I have wasted a lot of time to figure this out. I am sure if you’re reading this try it out for yourself and you will know that this is really effective.

Let me know if anyway I can help you in the comment section or you can email me.

Start loving yourself from today, it is the right moment.  

with love.



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