KAZIRANGA | One Horned Rhino


To visit Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary was indeed a long cherished dream for me. Since the year 2014 I was attempting to visit but just could not succeed due to job project commitments. Then finally, my dream materialized in the month of Oct 2016.

It was at first little uncertain as for how to plan my travel itinerary. After a lot of thinking and studying the maps and discussing with another mutually interested animal wildlife enthusiastic friends, I had arranged my travel plans.

First I wanted to travel by train because I always love to travel long, also most of the time it is affordable and I get to meet new people. It gives me a good time to come across interesting stories during my travel. Drenching myself the beauties of landscapes along the journey and witnessing different cultures of various places crossing various states.

So I set out on 20th Oct 2016 and boarded Duranto Superfast train from Pune and reached Kolkata next day and after a brief halt at Kolkata, I continued my journey to Guwahati via Siliguri also known as New Jalpaiguri (NJP) the main entry point to all the seven North Eastern States.

Immediately after reaching Guwahati ..I had engaged a private taxi ..the fare was little high because I was alone and reached Kaziranga in the evening.

The ride from Guwahati to Kaziranga was very exciting as I was cruising past Jorhat an important junction that meets two main roads Shillong and Guwahati ..enjoying lovely beautiful landscapes, different kind of people, culture and their typical way of attiring themselves, very lovely landscapes

Finally, When I was just nearing Kaziranga I was very much excited and just couldn’t wait to go for the much-longed safari ride.

Well, my dream was finally fulfilled next day when I was taken inside the thick grass land by our open Gypsy safari jeep with few other fellow travelers, ready with our camera gears ..alert and anxious.

The first-day ride was very disappointing and was very much comforted by the Guide and the vehicle driver who were so friendly and hospitable.

On my second safari, it was a terrifyingly extremely adventurous one. While our Gypsy was just negotiating a bend in the jungle path our Gypsy driver suddenly screamed softly “Ma’am there is a Rhino behind the bush on our right” just climbing the sloppy grass field onto the road where just 3 minutes before we crossed. And I was lucky !!! So flabbergasted to witness this wonderful graceful and happy sightings.

And it was indeed a joyful memorable experience and wa s so satisfied and the stay at the resort inside the Forest was very comfortable and the forest staff were so amicable .helpful and cheerful.

With a great satisfied mind, I started off my long journey to Pune reminiscing about the trip.




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