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Hope you all are doing well. I have finally started this long-awaited “Food Series India.” We all love food and India is known for its lips smacking delicious cuisine all around. So I have got in touch with food bloggers, locals who can help me out making this series a successful one. When I mentioned all that I ate in Coimbatore a lot of you tried those exact same places and told me how it has helped to narrow down good places to eat, gave birth to this idea of Food Series India.

So here is a cumulated food blog by Foodie_Anshul

Hello People! Anshul Aggarwal alias Foodie Anshul this side I am pursuing my degree course in journalism and mass communication and here I am talking about my journey of being a food blogger. The story starts from when I first joined Instagram in 2015-16. I randomly liked a few food pictures and then all thanks to the Mighty Algorithm of the gram which introduced me to some amazing food handles some of them were My Yellow Plate, Dilsefoodie, MyfoodProject. After looking at them the foodie in me constantly kept telling me that this what you want to do, but back in my mind I kept ignoring it. In July 2017 post boards pre-college era where every student has nothing to do that food lover in me got active again and finally, on 14th August 2017 I created a page with one of my friend but then I realized that this is something I want to own alone. Only after 15 days, on September 2, 2017, I started my own Instagram page, foodie_anshul. It has been a good 2-year journey thanks to all the lovely people I met through this. Now I am happy with what I am doing and I wish to continue this for years long. When they say, “a man’s heart is through his stomach, I feel it”.


Below is the list of 10 top restaurants in Delhi and NCR which are my favourite and everyone must visit, the list is not in the order of which restaurant I like the most all the restaurants are my favourite and are first ranked.


Sana-di-ge means the brass lamp which is lit on the auspicious occasions. When you will visit the place you’ll be welcomed by the Sana-di-ge. Its located in the serene surroundings of Chanakyapuri serving some authentic coastal cuisine which I used to think is primarily non-vegetarian but this place amazed me with their vegetarian preparations such as paneer ghee roast, baby corn pepper fry and avail and the best part about this place is their signature dessert which is elaneer payasam (I ended up ordering it again) it’s a very simple dish prepared with 3 simple ingredients yet so perfect.  


Triveni Terrace Café

Triveni terrace café is located in an art gallery and is itself a true art. A very pocket-friendly place in central Delhi. Serves some amazing Indian food, the best place for any meal in the day be it a brunch or evening coffee.  Palak Patta chaat and the sandwiches are a must try there.


Burma Burma

The best part about Delhi is that you can taste the food from all around the food here. Burma Burma serves pure vegetarian Burmese cuisine which was a very different experience altogether. Starting from the samosa soup, followed by Khao Suey and ended with a perfect honey avocado ice cream. This place is a must try for everyone who is looking to try something new.


Yum Yum Cha

Yum Yum Cha, the review of this place has been given by the first two words of the name itself “Yum Yum” Located at multiple locations in Delhi NCR serving authentic Pan Asian food. This place is famous for its amazing sushi and dimsums.


Monsoon By Café Lota

Monsoon is a purely a bliss place for Indian food in the whole Delhi and I mean it totally. The amalgamation of craftsmanship and the spirit has resulted in this lovely place. Not even a single dish in their vegetarian menu has paneer or potato in it. So for those non-vegetarians friends who might think about what options do we have in vegetarian food? This place can be the perfect answer.



Some places are more known for the experience they provide. Echoes is a pocket-friendly café located in Hudson Lane and Satya Niketan. They have something more to offer than the delicious food and that is the lesson of humanity. This place is run by the deaf and dumb staff who are really passionate in their life. After visiting this place you will have a stomach filled with food and mind filled with positivity.


Kiara- the soul kitchen

Kiara is a perfect combination of experience and the food, of course, located in the posh lanes of south Delhi, promoting the culture of local sourcing of ingredients. This place is also a pure vegetarian with good options for vegan and gluten-free dishes. A bit on the expensive side but I would say it’s more than worth it.



A classic south Indian restaurant with very calm and positive ambiance.  Perfect setup for those random dates with your south Indian food lover partner. Their super crispy dosas and delectable uttapams are something which I crave for all the time.


Pra Pra Prank

Innovation meets food. Nothing else can define this place better than that, the brilliance of the maestro Chef Angad Singh and passion towards the food made him reach to this. The place serves you modern Indian food with some Asian food as well. Located in the cyber hub gurugram.



Imly is a new age Multi Cuisine QSR with a wide range of dishes. Ranging from those nostalgic bantas to the trendy cheese corn momos. This place can serve almost every Indian palate.  







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