What are the 5 most delicious food items I should try in Hyderabad?

A happy tummy is the best feeling. There is no sincere love other than the love for food. The iconic dishes of Hyderabad always give the vibe of ‘Ghar Ka Khana’

Hyderabad – The place where ‘World Famous Biryani’ originated and where the best conversation happens over a sip of Irani Chai (Tea) and the yummy Osmania biscuits.

Delicious food is an inseparable part of Hyderabad and Hyderabadis

The Nizams of Hyderabad were connoisseurs of the flavours and taste of the food, Hyderabad is a Food-lovers paradise Biryani, Haleem, Irani Chai Karachi biscuits are some of the historic Hyderabad dishes.

It is also a hub for many hangout places, food joints, and luxury dining. Hyderabad has a warm way of surprising with food.

Let’s explore more!


Biryani is a perfect blend of meat, whole aromatic spices, and Basmati rice cooked on slow flame with ghee and fried onions, the aroma of the spices and rice is absolutely mesmerizing.No words can actually define biryani completely, for some of us it’s a solution to our problems, sometimes it’s a state of happiness and most of all an essential dish of every celebration. For Hyderabadis especially it’s an emotion close to heart!!

Biryani is one of the must-try dishes when you’re in Hyderabad.

Varieties of Dosa

Start your day with crispy hot dosa served with butter and cheese toppings and varieties of chutney, trust me the taste keeps you motivated all day.

If you’re a dosa lover you need a lifetime to try all the flavours of Dosa, some places in Hyderabad serve 100 varieties of dosa, these include an assortment of tastes and ingredients topped with veggies, paneer, cheese and you can relish your favourite flavours and toppings loaded with a lot of cheese.

Try lip-smacking dosas and feel the essence of Masala dosa for a perfect morning!

Life is incomplete without desserts. Do you agree with me?

Indeed desserts are a necessity!

They ease out Life amidst everyday mood swings and chaos!

What does Hyderabad have in store for dessert lovers?

Eat heartily and have an amazing dessert for a complete meal

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda popularly known as bread pudding and ‘Double Ka Meetha’ in Hyderabad, this dessert is something Hyderabadis crave 24*7 and the taste of Shahi Tukda is succulent and mouth-watering, made of bread slices soaked in cardamom flavoured milk and topped with lots of nuts and thick cream.

Qubani Ka meetha

You cannot probably find this heaven elsewhere except in Hyderabad, this authentic Hyderabadi dessert is made of dry apricots and lots of nuts for garnishing perfectly blends with vanilla ice cream and you cannot stop with one!

Generally served after a heavy meal which includes Biryani and Salan and gives a perfect ending to a good appetite.

Do you feel the aroma of Biryani and drooling for Qurbani Ka Meetha?

Aren’t you tempted to try out these scrumptious dishes and relish the delicious Hyderabadi cuisine? You can never say no to these mesmerizing tastes!

A city with ample options for shopping and hanging out, plan a trip to Hyderabad with your food lovers’ squad and fill your tummy with luscious food and your heart with beautiful memories.

See you in Hyderabad!



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