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Drifters Tap Station is a Casual Dining restaurant that brings for the crowd its own handcrafted beers. Drifters Tap Station offers a unique range of beer specialities which are brewed using the finest Czech malts and best quality hops. The place has a chilled out vibe and outgoing ambience which sets the mood just right for a relaxed evening. The menu serves a wide range of delicacies from North Indian, Continental and European cuisine and the bar menu offers a great range of fine spirits along with handcrafted beers. The service, the food, the music, the ambience, the staff and the overall experience was a memorable one. Overall I’d an amazing experience. Will be visiting here really soon.
Among the appetizers, we tried Chicken wings with bhoot jholakia sauce. These are hot and spicy! Try it on your own risk. The heat is really only felt in the back of the mouth. It also has an unusual flavour of its own – quite different from your average chilli powder. I highly recommend this.
Their Stuffed Tangdi Kebab Chicken legs stuffed with chicken keema cooked in tandoor with caramelized onions is also lip-smacking. Spicy and juicy and full of flavours. I highly recommend this.
For Mains, we tried Flatbread topped with spicy chicken, caramelized onions, jalapeno, tomato. These incredibly flavorful flatbread pizzas were lip-smacking and it went well with the T-wit beer. A deadly combo for sure.
There wasn’t much to look into the dessert section so we opted for Caramel custard. It had the perfect quantity of sweetness a dessert should have.

Cafe Curious ensure that you experience the best of everything related to the fast-food & beverages served around. Each dish is an explosion of flavours, colours and textures. The staff is courteous and the service was quick.

Coming towards the food we tried:
Wanpaku Katsu Sando Japanese SandwichThis is a Japanese sandwich having a filling of veggies and two crispy chicken patty. The chicken patty was very well cooked and the veggies and sauces were well blended. A must-try here.
Spicy as F*** Ramen noodles the name suggests the ramen noodles were really spicy as F***. Try it on your own risk. Spicy stir ramen that is served with chicken and Korean sauces. It took me almost 20-25 mins to finish one bowl but it was definitely worth it. I highly recommend this if you like spicy food.
BBQ cottage cheeseburger. It was a huge burger which tasted so delicious and the patty was so cheesy and juicy. The cheese was dripping out of the burger. Served with fries and a dip.
Strawberry cream cheese Pancake. It was a delightful end to our meal.

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